XYLOspace lets you share your premium content with your fans for a monthly subscription. It’s pretty easy to join — create a profile, upload content, set a subscription and tell your followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Start Earning

Once you join, you can add your bank details. We payout at the end of each month if you have earned a minimum of £30. If you have not, the payout will roll over to the next month.

For every subscriber we take 20%+£1.80
This includes processing fee’s, server maintenance and the support we provide creators and fans. We’re pretty hands on and always available for a chat. Please note: we are always looking for ways to reduce our fee’s so creators can earn even more.


Content Security

All you content is streamed (like Netflix) which means fans get the best viewing experience. This also enables us to secure your content once you upload it, which makes it super difficult for users to download and share it on the web. We take this very seriously and are constantly looking for ways to improve it.

Multi Currency Subscriptions

We allow fans to pay with debit and credit cards in over 10 different currencies. This includes, Brazilian Real, Japanese Yen, Aussie Dollar and Mexican Peso. This lets fans pay with confidence in their local currency which results in more subscribers for you.

Teaser Vid’s

Pick one video so new fans can get a taste of your content before they subscribe. This gets pinned to the top of your profile.

Follow First

Fan’s don’t always become subscribers as soon as they land on your profile. Sometimes they’re just not ready to subscribe. Our “Follow First” feature allows them to follow your profile and view the free video you’ve posted. We can then send them regular notifications to let them know of all the new content they’re missing out on.

Live Comments

Switch on the comments feature and fans can drop their thoughts under each post or chat with you in real-time.

Content Scheduling

Our scheduler lets you upload and line up your posts days in advance, so you can spend more time creating content.


We developing and bettering the platform daily and are always working on new features. If you have any suggestions or encounter any bugs, please drop us a message at

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