Using YouTube to Grow Your Premium Fan Profile

It’s no surprise that YouTube is the largest video platform on the internet. With 1 billion monthly active users, it is the second largest search engine on the web, after Google. If you create content for your fan site, you should be uploading content to YouTube. No matter what genre of content you create (including NSFW), YouTube can provide an opportunity to attract a wider fan base beyond your Instagram and Twitter profiles.

Photo by Rachit Tank on Unsplash

Here’s our tips on how to use YouTube to grow your premium fan sites.

1.Find your niche. Think about what your fans would be interested in and what they might search for on YouTube. Creating content around a niche and topics that interest your fans will attract more users with the same interests who in time can become paying subscriber.

2. Invest time in your YouTube content. It’s easy to upload short clips to promote your premium content but this won’t impress viewers. The videos you upload to YouTube should be quite independent of the content you post on your fan site. For example, if you are doing a product review, film a complete review for YouTube, you can then end the video by saying “to see an extended version of this review, head over to my XYLO profile”. This will leave your YouTube audience satisfied and lead them to your premium content if they want to see more.

3. Make a list of products, brands and services which you can feature in your videos. They should align with your style and niche. People search YouTube daily for tips, how-to videos, tutorials and product reviews so it’s an easy way to be discovered. Be sure to include brand names in your video titles.

4. Reach out to brands you would like to work with. Collaborating with brands that match your niche will provide regular content material. It is also another income stream as many brands will pay for partnerships and/or provide you with an affiliate link you can provide your viewers. Create a slick one page PDF you can attach to your email, which states your social media audience size, demographics and a bit about you. Keep it short and straight to the point.

5. If you are creating premium content that you wouldn’t be able to post versions of on YouTube, think of other topics you are passionate about that would also interest your fans. Try not to move to far away from your core niche.

6. Create custom thumbnails. With so many creators on YouTube making similar content, it’s hard to stand out in the search results. Eye catching, bold thumbnails will help your video pop out. Adding large text, arrows pointing to a key part of the image and magnifying areas create attention-grabbing thumbnails.

7. The titles are just as important. Think carefully about each video title. You don’t want it to be click-bait but you want something catchy to lead users to your video.

8. Always link your YouTube channel back to your XYLO profile. This can be done by adding a link to your about page, including it in the video description and overlaying the link in your videos.

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