A Happy Pre-Valentine’s Day Message on our Beloved Partners!

Next week, a tidal wave of people all over the world will scramble to buy candy, flowers, stuffed animals and other cutesy things to show others that they love them.

But in the days leading up to this time of devotion, we’re going to do something different: Show our beloved partners how happy and humbled we are for having them in our XYO family!

Since our partners do so many things, we had to organize this post by groups. And unfortunately, we can’t put every partner in this post, but we will catch up with the companies we’ve left out in separate “Partner Update” pieces.

Shipping and supply chain

Supply chain doesn’t get any bigger than FedEx, so last November, we partnered with FedEx Institute of Technology (at University of Memphis) to develop our tech so it could serve FedEx’s massive shipping network!

KYC (Know Your Customer) and security

Project Hydro uses blockchain technology to streamline financial approvals for banking, ecommerce and more. By storing private and personal information on the blockchain, Project Hydro protects a person’s digital identity in the face of not-so-secure centralization — and theft!


Everipedia, which branched off from Wikipedia, is the world’s first peer-to-peer encyclopedia on the blockchain. With the company’s IQ Network token used to reward editors and other contributors, expect it to overtake Wikipedia very soon.


The staff at DOVU understands that in order to reduce pollution and traffic congestion, people have to make strategic decisions about where and how they travel. DOVU has created a system that rewards people for making great choices when they’re mobile.

Smart cities

CAS is one of the leading developers of Smart City tech in China, and is developing a light pole that tracks traffic, delivers wifi, charges vehicles, and more. We plan on helping cars on the road find empty parking spots, and “see” other vehicles.

Mapping and data

Esri is by far the world’s most-used mapping and spatial analysis service, helping businesses, governments and more track everything from how much wine is consumed across the country to the whereabouts of homeless people infected with Hepatitis-A. We’re adding another layer of data — location verification — to their robust map technology.

Real Estate

RE/MAX Mexico has 2,000 agents helping customers buy, sell and even rent their homes — and that’s a lot of paperwork. With our RE/MAX partnership, we plan to add location data to documentation signing and verification, bringing trust to real estate transactions.


We’ve also partnered with a number of fantastic associations that are focused on the future of transportation, the protection of data, preserving privacy, and even creating rules for Ethereum-based blockchains.

With the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, BiTA, and MOBI (the mobility open blockchain initiative), we’re focusing on making cars, trains, and other transport safe for the future. From autonomous vehicles to trolleys that run on clean energy, these associations are designing future transportation on the blockchain.

And with the Trusted IoT Alliance and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, we’re protecting private data funneled through Internet-connected devices and helping create blockchain specs for the entire planet (it needs them).

We’re proud to partner with these visionary companies and associations, and look forward to forging a blockchain-centric, decentralized information system. We may not send them flowers on Valentine’s Day, but as a company, they’re in our hearts.