Bittrex International — Buying XYO on Bittrex

As announced by Bittrex earlier today, we are proud to share a positive update on the wallet and exchange front. From today, with the BTC/XYO trading pair, XYO is available on Bittrex International.

This development represents another solid move for XYO, and provides another way for our global community to show support for the XYO team, technology and vision.

As stated on the Bittrex site, the company’s mission is to help advance the blockchain industry by fostering innovation, incubating new and emerging technology, and driving transformative change. Indeed.

Due to Bittrex International guidelines, U.S.-based users will not be able to purchase or trade XYO on the platform.

For non-U.S.-based users, I’ve enlisted Bryce Paul, our Head of Partnerships to provide a short video overview of how one would buy XYO on the Bittrex platform. Please bear in mind that since we’re based here in the U.S. we walk through the paces in a demo, yet are not actually able to show the steps with actual XYO.