Bold, New Look: Introducing the XY The Persistent Company Logo!

When we announced we were changing our name to XY The Persistent Company, we talked about why we chose that new name and what it meant to our team.

But we didn’t unveil a design, because a logo can take an extraordinary amount of time to develop. And this logo had to be perfection.

So our Head of Design, Paola Batiz, set off on a journey to create something that would capture the imagination of any and all who came across our new look. This journey even inspired a new website and help center! And after many, many hours of hard work and tinkering, Pao delivered.

Here it is:

This is our new design. It is bold and iconic and inspirational. It represents — perfectly — where we are now, and where we plan to go.

But we still wanted to know how she got to this point. What was her process? What was she thinking throughout the process? Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about designing this logo:

Pao: I started by researching relevant themes. In this case, the underlying themes were persistence, continuity, and speed.

Sketching was the next step. I don’t necessarily sketch out a logo and call it a day, much to contrary belief. But what I did was get any and all imagery that was swirling around in my head onto a piece of paper because I knew that if there was an idea in my head and I hadn’t put it out there, I’d lose focus on anything else that could be available. From there I kept working on sketching ideas until I had a few objects that I could work with.

I transferred sketches to a digital version. In this stage I started honing in on the type of mark I wanted to create. I created 3–5 versions to present.

Then I got feedback and finalized the logo by making sure that everything was pixel perfect.

Here’s the final design breakdown, from Pao herself:

Note the color scheme at the bottom— blue for calmness and trust, black for security and elegance.

So, what about the logos that didn’t make the cut? Here is one:

And another…

Ultimately, Pao wanted people to feel excitement and constant movement when they saw the logo. An upward trajectory powered by a team that refuses to give up, pushing forward, collectively, to the future.

The ultimate expression of persistence.