Brand Update! We’re Now Just “XYO”!

As the last days of 2018 dwindled down, we took stock of what XYO had become. What it stood for. Who our fans were. What our insanely cool technology represented to the world.

And guess what? We realized something major.

The XYO brand is strong. INSANELY strong. 60,000+ community members strong. Launching a frickin’ satellite into space strong.

On one hand, we have our HODLers and geohackers, rocking their T-shirts and snapbacks, building decentralized apps (dApps) and telling the entire world about our massive plans for 2019 — Including Spatial #2!

On the other hand, we built relationships with esri and FedEx Institute of Technology and RE/MAX, along with a ridiculous amount of partnerships with up-and-coming companies like Portis, Blockchain Transparency Institute, and Fysical.

And we’re being traded on Kucoin and LATOKEN — with more exchanges on the way!

So, why not celebrate a totally incredible year with a little streamlining? Don’t worry — we’re keeping the same soon-to-be-unveiled roadmap, with some changes that are going to blow your mind — details coming soon!

We’re keeping the same team, and the same wild “screw it — let’s do it” spirit that brought you to this page in the first place.

But we’re dropping the “Network” from our name.

From now on, we are the company formerly known as XYO Network.

From this point forward, we are just “XYO”.

X. Y. O.


For many of us, this has already happened. We refer to this company as “XYO”. We already introduce the company to our friends and family as “XYO”. The words “XYO Network” describe our Winternet, but not how we think about the company overall.

XYO Network is a name.

XYO? It’s a feeling. A state of mind.

But we still had to make it official, so here we are — it’s official!

This rebranding kicks off an epic year of massive, full-speed-ahead momentum. A year where you can walk through downtown San Diego, see the XYO logo, and get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that some amazing stuff is on the way…and you’re part of it.

So, welcome to 2019.

Welcome…to XYO.