Video and Walkthrough: How to Buy XYO on KuCoin

Johnny Kolasinski
Dec 20, 2018 · 5 min read

As you might have heard, XYO is now available on KuCoin.

Trading on KuCoin is easy, but I wanted to take a few minutes to walk you through it. We have a video for you, as well as step-by-step written instructions. Here’s the video (keep scrolling for the step-by-step instructions):

Note: This is a very simple guide that just covers the basics of the exchange’s interface. We won’t get into any sort of complicated trades or trading strategy.

Step One: Sign Up For The Exchange

Signing up for the exchange is easy — you’ll just need to give them your email address and create a password. Make sure it’s a secure password, and not one you use anywhere else. You’ll then need to agree to the terms of service, and verify your email by clicking the link and, possibly, logging back in.

Step Two: Deposit ETH, BTC, or USDT

You can’t use fiat currency (like US dollars) to buy on KuCoin. You’ll need to add cryptocurrency to your exchange wallet by sending it from another source. You can send ETH or BTC directly from another exchange like Coinbase, or from a wallet like Metamask or MEW. Keep in mind that some services, like Coinbase, don’t allow you to send cryptocurrency until a few days after it’s purchased.

From the login page, click “Assets” up top to access your online KuCoin wallets.

You’ll see a huge list of currencies — select the one you want to send, and click “Deposit.” I’m sending ETH.

You’ll first need to download the Google Authenticator app on your phone and follow the instructions on KuCoin to set it up. This enables two-factor authentication or “2FA’ — you’ll need your phone with you whenever you want to log in to KuCoin or to make a trade. This makes it harder for someone other than you to access your KuCoin wallet. You don’t need to do the additional KYC process.

Next you’ll see the address to send your crypto to — I’ve blocked most of mine out in the screenshot. Copy and paste it, and send it using your original wallet (like Coinbase or Metamask). Check your wallet’s support page if you’re not sure how to send crypto out.

Then, click “Markets” up top.

Step Three: Making your purchase

On the markets screen, you’ll see all the different coins and tokens available to trade, and all the different pairings available. A “pairing” is a tradable combination — at launch, you’ll be able to trade XYO/BTC (Bitcoin) and XYO/ETH (Ethereum). Search for the pairing you want to trade. For this demo, I’m trading XYO/ETH.

Clicking this opens the trading book — it shows you the historical trades of your trading pair and the open “Sell” and “Buy” orders. The most recent price is in the upper left hand corner, and in white text between the open “sell” orders in red and the open “buy” orders in green.

Before you buy XYO you’ll need to enter the 2FA code in your Authenticator app.

The “buy box” is now on the lower right hand side, along with a “sell box”. On the top line is the “price” field, which displays the most recent XYO price in this particular market. To make a market order — in other words, to attempt to buy at that price — just click the price in the “price field, then enter the amount of XYO you want to purchase in the “Amount” field and hit the green “Buy” button.

Your purchase won’t go through immediately — there will need to be a seller willing to sell at that price. Until it does, it’ll appear in your “Order book.” (My test order went through too quickly to get a screenshot of the order book — sorry!)

You might need to refresh the screen to see if your order has completed. If it hasn’t, you might need to wait, or to try at a higher price. Once it’s completed, it will disappear from your order book and show up under “My trades.”

You can send your XYO to any ERC-20 compatible offline wallet, like MetaMask, Trust, or MEW. DO NOT SEND XYO TO ANOTHER EXCHANGE WALLET, SUCH AS COINBASE. You may not be able to access your XYO. We have heard from some users that there can be a delay when making a withdrawal from KuCoin — please be advised that you may not be able to make an immediate withdrawal, and that there are daily withdrawal limits.

There you have it — the easy way to buy XYO from KuCoin.

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