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Calling All Devs! Hack XYO at ETHDenver — And Win!

The year was 1999, summer was just around the corner, and the first hackathon was well underway. The scene? A house in Calgary, where a bunch of guys hunkered down, plugged in, and cranked out code like their lives literally depended on it.

There were no panels at this hackathon. There were no corporate sponsors. And that year at least, there was no branded t-shirt.

Make no mistake — being able to say you were at an early hackathon is a powerful brag. But people have figured out that while it’s kind of cool to talk about mainlining code nonstop in a hot, crowded space, the novelty wears off when it’s happening in real-time. Quickly.

ETHDenver is a perfect example of the modern hackathon. A carefully crafted, community-focused event where hundreds of people celebrate Ethereum by building (buidling) meaningful things — decentralized apps (dApps), smart contracts and more.

Young hackers at last year’s ETHDenver — photo courtesy of KJ Technical

Last year, 750 ETHDenver hackers built on the Ethereum platform. Winning projects included a cryptocurrency trading tokens game, a trackable blood donation system, and a gas profiler specifically for Ethereum smart contracts.

ETHDenver 2018 was crowned the world’s largest Ethereum blockchain buildathon. This year promises to be even bigger.

And we want you to be there to build on XYO.

XYO + ETHDenver — Build your dApps!

THE EVENT: ETHDenver, the world’s largest Ethereum blockchain buildathon. We’re talking 36 hours of building, which takes place from Feb. 15–17.

THE PLACE: The actual venue of the hackathon is the picturesque, historic Sports Castle, at 1000 Broadway, in Downtown Denver. Like last year, the space will be transformed into a hacker HQ, complete with beanbag chairs for naps and tables for hacking.

Don’t forget to watch XYO Founder and Architect Arie Trouw and one of our new advisors, Marcus Delano East, on a special panel on Saturday. The pair will take over the main stage, along with several other notable people, as they discuss location on the blockchain and proof of location!

HOW TO APPLY: To attend ETHDenver, you have to submit an application. Their application process uses blockchain technology this year, which you can read more about here. Their last round of applications closes January 31st, so don’t wait! Apply and stake today so you can join us at the ETHDenver BUIDLATHON. If you have more questions on their application process, check out the FAQ on their website.

WHY BUIDL ON XYO?: XYO is blockchain’s first oracle-enabling the virtual world to request cryptographically-secured data from the physical world. While the network has typically been used to verify location, that’s just the beginning! It can also be used to gather audio data, temperature data, even video!

In the context of location, XYO can be used to find (and pay) for a parking spot, track food as it moves from farm to fork, and even trigger payment once a package is delivered to another person. When chain of origin or custody is necessary, XYO is the go-to.

XYO is Ethereum-based and completely open-sourced. It is prime technology for a trustless, decentralized system where smart contracts rule and transactions happen autonomously. It brings trust to trustless transactions.

If you need to bone up on XYO, here’s the white paper, and the website, with the CliffsNotes version. And here’s a diagram of how XYO works:


We’ve created three tools to make building and deploying Ethereum smart contracts easy and fast. Get a head-start. Test. Deploy faster with the following Ethereum SDKs:


dAche is an Ethereum smart contract event cache. Query your smart contract events in ways that you can’t do directly on the blockchain. It is a helpful development tool for your production dApp.

There are three components that dAche uses to track events:

  • Rebase starts from the block the contract was created and imports events from then until the block that the dAche was started at. This is disabled by default since the included contract has a lot of events !
  • Watch listens live for events on the contracts and immediately pulls them in
  • Scan runs at a defined offset from the newest block on chain, and re-imports events from this range. This is to compensate for any missed live events, which can happen.


Dapper is a react page generator for your Smart Contract’s ABI. Test/play with your smart contracts in a convenient local setup! dApper is actually a dApp that has a generic user interface. So it can interface with any smart contract.

dApper creates the smart contract and gives you all the functions you need. With a clean, easy to use interface, you can test your smart contract functions, and see how these smart contracts would act in their true state, without any surprises.

Here’s a demo video:


Dapploy, “The Swiss Army Knife for dApp Deployment”, empowers you to deploy your dApps in less than five seconds — with one click! We’ve taken all the annoying, time-consuming little tasks and settings and streamlined everything.

Here’s a walkthrough:


We promised the kind folks at ETHDenver that we’d wait for their signal before we release details on prize money. But there will be a bounty — we can say that.


By BUIDLing on the XYO network at ETHDenver, you’ll start out at a distinct advantage. We’ve set it up so you have the SDKs you need to create, test and deploy Ethereum smart contracts in record time. And just by using proof of location as your heuristic, the use cases are nearly endless. You can see examples all over our Medium blog.

If you’re at ETHDenver, we welcome you to BUIDL on our XYO platform. We’ve given you the instruments to make things happen, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!



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