Ready to Geomine? GET COIN NOW!

You own a geomining kit — either an Ocho box of sentinels, or the full enchilada, complete with XYO-stamped bridge — and you love it.

You’ve taken out the bright, beautiful XY4+s, and you’ve daydreamed of a future where you can earn XYO tokens by simply walking around your neighborhood, or downtown, or almost anywhere.

You’ve even thought about mining from your own couch!

You waited and wondered when this would all be possible. When you could FINALLY mine XYO.

Well, everyone? Your life is about to change. Get ready because….


Introducing COIN.

COIN is the world’s first (and only) XYO geomining app. It is the app to end all other apps. It makes XYO geomining easy and fun and rewarding, and we can’t wait for you to test it out!

If you own a mining kit, here’s how to start geomining with COIN:

  • Download COIN in the App Store or Google Play
  • Open COIN and set up your account (email and password)
  • Look at the map on the screen. It is divided into squares
  • Find a square and press the button with the pickaxe symbol
  • You’ll earn a variable number of XYO tokens
  • If the square has already been mined, you can mine it after it replenishes (in seconds or minutes)
  • Repeat as you walk around and come across other sentinels

Yes, you read this correctly. This is an app that earns you XYO tokens by simply pressing a button. Every time you come across a geoming kit, you’ll earn XYO tokens (also called “digital assets”) in exchange for delivering location data to the XYO network.

Once you hit a certain amount, you can withdraw your XYO tokens and store them in an external wallet. Then you can HODL them or trade. Totally up to you.

If you still don’t have a geomining kit, you can purchase one now!

The XYO team has spent months creating an app that makes geomining into a game you can do 24/7. Get your mining kit, download the app, mine your surroundings, and let us know what you think!