Setting up your Geomining Kit — Updated Instructions

Step 1 — Open your Kit

Your Geomining Kit Includes:

  • 8 XY Sentinels
  • 1 XY Bridge
  • A charger for your Bridge component.

All three components are vital to the XYO Geomining process. In this Geomining Kit, your XYO Sentinels will be the devices that verify locations and create heuristic ledgers that list all of the verifications with other Sentinels. Your Bridge will serve as the place where those verified locations will be offloaded so they can be sent to an Archivist, who will save or “archive” those ledgers! (Read more about what Sentinels and Bridges do, or read about all four components of the XYO Network).

Additionally, you will use the following:

Important Note:

After the initial setup, some of these items are only required if you wish to have a desktop view into your bridge. For example, you can connect your XY Bridge to WiFi without an Ethernet Cable if you have an HDMI and Keyboard. If you only have an Ethernet cable to connect your bridge to the internet, you do not need an HDMI cord, a keyboard, mouse, or display.

A quick overview of the XY Bridge

Your XY Bridge has a variety of ports on all sides of the device. Here’s a quick breakdown on what they all do!

Step 2 — Plug Your Bridge into the Display, Mouse, and Keyboard

NOTE: It is important to plug the Bridge into the display BEFORE turning on the power to ensure the image on your screen is correct and not misaligned.

Using your HDMI Cord and your display monitor, computer screen, or TV, plug in your Bridge.

Next, plug in your keyboard and mouse into the USB ports on the Bridge.

Step 3 — Give your XY Bridge some power!

The XY Bridge power cable comes with your Geomining Kit. It plugs into the “power” port shown above, and then it can be plugged into the wall.

Reminder: If you are geomining outside of the US, make sure your plug has an appropriate converter.

Once your Bridge has power and is connected to the display, you’ll see the following screen. Enter and confirm your password that you use for the XYO Network App and/or COIN App then click Continue.

Step 4 — Connect your Bridge to the internet!

Your XY Bridge will need to be connected to the internet. You can do this easily with an Ethernet cable (recommended), or over WiFi.

How to connect to the internet via Ethernet Cable

With this method, all you’ll need to do is take your ethernet cable and plug it into the XY Bridge. Once you plug your ethernet cable into the port on the XY Bridge, make sure to connect it to your router or modem. Once your Bridge has connected to the internet, your IP Address should appear.

How to connect to the Internet via WiFi

This step is only required if you don’t want to plug your XY Bridge in via ethernet cable. Instead, you can use your WiFi wirelessly! You will need to have completed the steps above and connected your bridge to a display, keyboard, mouse, and power source before connecting to WiFi.

You’ll want to click the WiFi symbol in the top right-hand corner of the page

Then, you’ll want to select your desired network and enter the password. If you do not see any networks listed, click Refresh.

Step 5 — Claim Your Bridge

Enter your XYO Network Email and Password, then click Login. This will allow for your Bridge to show on your XYO Network App on your mobile device.

Step 6 — Pair your SentinelX with the XYO app

First, update XY Sentinel Firmware with the XYO Network App on your mobile device

Your Geomining Kit comes with 8 SentinelX’s, which you can update via the XYO Network App on your mobile device.

  1. First, open the XYO Network App on your mobile device and sign into your account.
  2. Click View All to go to all of your devices
  3. Click the plus sign in the top right-hand corner
  4. On the SentinelX you are updating, press the button twice (the device should beep)
  5. Then click “Download Now” and wait for both passes of the firmware update to complete. NOTE: Be sure that your screen does not fall asleep during the updating process, as this may interrupt the sentinel update.
  6. Then, click Update Complete
  7. Press the button twice, again.
  8. Give the Sentinel a password and a name then click Save.
  9. Lastly, you’ll click Save one more time and retype the password to the device you just created.

Repeat this process for each of your Sentinels and you’ll be ready to start using them to geomine! If you run into any issues during the firmware update, feel free to contact us here.

Step 7 — Now it’s time to collect some verified locations!

After you’ve set everything up, it’s time to decide where you will use your Sentinels. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Urban areas will have more opportunities to create bound witnesses and verify locations, but that also means more people will be owed payment if the location is used in a Network query. More frequent = Fewer XYO Tokens.
  • Rural Areas will have fewer opportunities to verify locations, but you’re also more likely to be one of the only people actively working on creating that data! This also means that you’ll likely be paid more if the location is used in a query. Less frequent = More XYO Tokens.
  • Sentinels can be stationary, or on the go! If you want to have a steady amount of verified locations, you could perhaps put an XY Sentinel by your front door. Any time a family member with an XY walks by, BAM! Bound Witness. Alternatively, if you have a long commute, you could place your XY Sentinel in the bag and create Bound Witnesses on the train, bus, or car ride to work!
  • Sentinels use Bluetooth, so make sure to place them where their signal can broadcast properly, with no interruptions. For example, don’t place your Sentinel in a metal safe/vault, a refrigerator, behind thick concrete, etc. On top of that, don’t place it in the water! While Sentinel we have currently is water resistant, it is not waterproof.

Here’s a list of some ideas of where you could place your XY Sentinels:

  • Backpack
  • Purse
  • Keys
  • Luggage
  • Car
  • Home
  • Family Member’s Home
  • Mailbox
  • Kid’s Backpack
  • Guitar Case / Musical Instrument Case
  • And many more!

Congrats! You are now an XYO Geohacker!

If you get stuck on any of the steps above, here is a video tutorial on how to set up your XYO Geomining Kit:

If you do not have a Geomining Kit yet, you can purchase one here.