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Scott Scheper
May 29 · 19 min read

We have about a number of core “initiatives” involved in our Roadmap, which I went over on a high-level last week.

Over the past 6 months, we have tried to divide and conquer them all.

From a high-level, here is our Roadmap:

XYO Phase 1: Take Over World

For the non-hype version, this means creating a people-powered mesh network of devices that cryptographically verify the data of other device(s) and sharing that with an open, decentralized network.

Initiative #1: Mass-scale Consumer Geodapps (Powered by XYO’s SDK that acts as an XYO Sentinel Node and Bridge Node)

Our goal with this initiative centers on creating a consumer-facing “XYO Geodapp” that has the appeal and ability to get into the hands of hundreds of millions of users.

Initiative #2: Mass-scale Integrations of XYO into a mass-scale level of devices.

Second, we have a significant number of Software Development Kit Integrations in progress.

Initiative #3: Creating the very best Decentralized Location Oracle for Ethereum dApps to request Geospatial Data from.

This was the initiative and messaging we led with a year ago because it was easy to explain to people, yet technically accurate (i.e. creating a people-powered GPS).

Initiative #4: XYO Specific Integrated Circuits (Aka XYO Hardware Devices)

Similar to the concept of ASIC’s (application-specific integrated circuit) in the world of Bitcoin Mining, in the world of XYO we have a concept, which I’ll refer to as called XSIC’s (XYO Specific Integrated Circuits).

This initiative involves designing and creating many of the devices I spoke of in this year’s, “State of The Future Address”.

This includes the following:

  • An XYO Phone: One in which does not run on one of GAFA’s monopolies (GAFA = Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), but instead is a phone built with cryptographic and blockchain technologies pre-loaded into it (end-to-end encryption and a crypto wallet, for instance).
  • An all-purpose XYO Specific IoT Device: Code-named the “Osiris”, this concept centers on a multi-faced IoT device collecting many types of heuristic data.
  • Archivist and Diviner Devices: Push-button XYO Node Devices for the Archivist and Diviner XYO Nodes.

XYO Phase 2: Take Over Space

Initiative #5: EtherX LEO Satellite Launch on SpaceX Falcon 9

We intend to do this by launching a variety of Low Earth Orbit Satellites (called LEO Satellites). What makes this unique is that these will not be owned by a single company or single government entity.

The theme that I will be talking about in the rest of this letter centers on the reason why we’ve decided to push back the launch.

But first, let’s talk about the next phase of our Roadmap.

XYO Phase 3: Take Over Moon

Initiative #6: XYO Moon

This phase centers on deploying devices on the moon that will do the four things comprising the XYO Network: 1. Collecting data (aka what XYO Sentinel nodes do while using cryptographic signing and validation), 2. Transferring Data (aka what Bridges do), 3. Storing the transferred data (what Archivists do), 4. Querying the data (what Diviners do — i.e. an Ethereum Diviner).

XYO Phase 4: Take Over Mars

Initiative #7: Operation XYO Mars Compatible

This phase centers on deploying the XYO Network and its nodes on mars.


So the summary is this…

Our ONE FOCUS is on this: COIN powered by XYO.

We’re not a massive company. Facebook has 35,000 employees, Google has 72,000, Apple has 132,000, and Amazon has 566,000 employees.

The Harsh Reality Is This…

Having 80 employees focusing on OVER 7 different and major initiatives at the same time was negatively impacting our Customers and Stakeholders.

I will give you a brief, personal experience of what it feels like to be faced with the reality of having to lay off over 40 employees, many of whom who are also your closest friends

First things first, I have poured everything into XY and XYO. My friends and family are stakeholders. My dad’s retirement is in this. I consider our Customers my friends and my employee’s friends. I am super lucky to even have this type of life.

What I’m trying to get at is that my closest personal relationships, and my primary friends, are my co-founders and my employees.

Laying them off is devastating for me.

For our Customers:

Your Dedicated VIP Concierge Contact may have changed. In place of this, we have decided to have our CORE TEAM be dedicated to doing at least some, and in some cases all, of the Customer Obsession work (aka Customer Service).

For Our XY Shareholders:

This means you have a company laser-focused on its highest probability of success and allocating your capital as efficiently and effectively as possible (even if that means Scott having fewer friends and amazing people on the team).

For Our XYO Token HODL’ers

For our XYO Token HODL’ers, this means more focus on the absolute most immediate and high-impact initiatives.

In the near-term future, we will be rolling out the following features of COIN:

  1. User-created XYO Geodrops: - This means the ability for users to use their XYO in COIN to Geodrop XYO in different areas for other people to collect. - In the short-term, this will be geared towards fun things like games, giveaways, etc. (Think Pokémon Go). - In the medium-term, this will power an incredible platform for Incentivizing people to show up at certain geospatial locations at certain points in time for cryptocurrency rewards (Geodropping XYO, Ethereum, Bitcoin, CryptoKitty NFT Assets and more). - Plus more - XYO is needed for this and the demand for holding and owning XYO should increase significantly.

To our Customers, Stakeholders, and Employees, this is something you will notice right away

Here’s something new…

XYO Network

XYO is building the world’s first geospatial cryptonetwork that aims to “future-proof” GPS.


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XYO Network

XYO Network

XYO is building the world’s first geospatial cryptonetwork that aims to “future-proof” GPS.