The Matrix — What You Need to Know

Hey there XYO Community,

We’ve been talking about The Matrix quite a bit recently. It’s an amazing public resource, and for those just getting into it, the tool may be a bit confusing.

We want The Matrix and our other technology to enable and empower the Community, and with that in mind, we’ve created a short video overview of The Matrix that will get you started.

Although there is always more functionality than we’ll cover in this basic video, it should be helpful and move us closer to our goal of making what we do, accessible to everyone. If you’re looking for even more on the topic, you could dig into this other video on setting up a Geomining Kit.

Look for short and informative videos featuring our lead technical writer Phillip Lorenzo and others, to help more Community members understand these key topics.

This week we’re focused on the components that make up “The Matrix.” Enjoy the video below and look for more to follow.