The Spatial Surprise to End All Surprises!

When we announced Spatial, we told you we wanted to do something huge.

Something glorious.

Something totally unforgettable that would be talked about for years to come.

So we threw down the gauntlet. We booked incredible speakers, set up top-secret, mind-blowing demonstrations, and booked the party to end all parties, complete with open bar and Dennis Rodman.

Then we offered tickets for 60% off, and people went nuts.

But we had to hold back a few surprises, to build momentum and keep up the enthusiasm over the final stretch…and it KILLED us, because we wanted to tell you about this as soon as we decided to do it.

But the time is finally here. We’re ready to share.

So here’s what we’re doing, RIGHT NOW.

If you bought a ticket to Spatial. If you’re about to buy a ticket to Spatial. If you need something to push you over the line into buying a ticket to Spatial, this is it.

Buy a ticket before midnight this Friday, at 60% off. Show up at the show.

And something amazing will happen.


That’s right. 1,000,000 XYO TOKENS!

Now, there are a few rules to getting your tokens. We’re keeping this exclusive, but the rules are super simple:

  1. You have to buy a ticket, or have already purchased one.
  2. You have to show up to Spatial.

If someone buys you a ticket and you show up, you can’t get the 1,000,000 XYO tokens. This prize is only for the people who a) bought, or b) will buy tickets, by Friday at midnight.

And, you cannot just buy a ticket and not come to the show. We want you here to experience it all, and getting your 1,000,000 XYO tokens is part of that unique experience!

Once you arrive, we can pre-load your tokens on a device, or you can redeem them on the XYO mobile app. It’s up to you.

This alone gives you a huge head start if you want to Geo Mine. These tokens, right now, are worth about $3,000. If you’re a Founding Holder Registry member, with GAMMA sale perks, they’re worth more than $3,700.

If you’re like me, the 1,000,000 XYO is for HODLing and Geo Mining. But at the very least, they’re a sign of our appreciation, and our way of showing that we believe Spatial is going to be just as epic as we’ve promised.

Buy your ticket now!