This Week at XYO: Big Things Coming

Hi folks!

It’s been a rare rainy week here in San Diego, but that hasn’t slowed us down! Here’s what you might have missed in the last week.

Important Geoming Update Coming This Wednesday!

On Wednesday, February 6, at noon PST, Arie and Scott will be presenting a livestream and AMA on our YouTube and Facebook pages. Scott hinted at what’s coming last week. If you have an XYO mining kit, make sure to check this out!

Announcing the XYO Governance Model

Proper governance is essential for a decentralized project’s success. Last week, we shared the basics of the XYO governance model, detailing how we’ll be releasing control of the platform to users, miners, and XYO hodlers.

Buidl on XYO at ETHDenver!

XYO will be part of the Hackathon at ETHDenver next week — developers from all over the world will be there building the next big dApps and geodApps. Arie Trouw, our founder, and Marcus Delano East from our advisory team will speak on Sunday.

The MOBI Grand Challenge

Last week, we asked you all to support XYO in the MOBI Grand Challenge — voting has closed, but we received a huge amount of support! We’ll let you know when they announce the winner.

XYO and Everipedia

We’re working with Everipedia, the world’s first peer-to-peer, blockchain encyclopedia, to help authenticate the information provided by contributors.

There’s more big news coming this week, and throughout February and March. Join us for tomorrow’s livestream, and sign up for the email list to stay informed!

Johnny Kolasinski
Head of Community