This Week at XYO: Moving on Up!

Hi folks,

We promised some big news, and I’d say we definitely delivered this week! If there’s been too much for you to keep up with, I’ve summarized the major points below.


Scott and I will be doing a special livestream Friday, December 7, at 9:30 AM Pacific. There will be more details on Wednesday.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

XYO releases our Intelligent Exchange Strategy

On Monday, we announced our Intelligent Exchange Strategy — our plan to roll out listings on ten of the world’s top exchanges. We’re focused on making it as easy as possible for anyone, anywhere in the world, to buy, stake, and use XYO. We hope to announce our first exchange listing later this week!

XYO Works with Michael Vick to Raise Money for Animal Care

Over the last 10 years, four-time NFL Pro-bowler Michael Vick has done much more than play football and work as an analyst for FOX. He has devoted himself to making a difference in communities across the country, and he has worked with major animal shelters to improve the lives of creatures big and small. Michael Vick’s charity work is, in itself, transformative. And that’s why we’re partnering with him for the better good.

Scott and Michael spoke live Tuesday on NBC Sports Radio’s “Calling the Shots” — if you missed it, we’ll share the interview when it’s posted!

The Gamma Sale Has Ended!

The Gamma Sale has officially concluded — read Scott’s full announcement, including a breakdown of XY’s achievements this year, on our Medium page. XYO is currently available on decentralized exchanges like IDEX — stay tuned for announcements on more ways to purchase XYO tokens!

XYO partners with the FedEx Institute of Technology

On Friday, we officially announced our partnership with the FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis. By being included in this program, we can develop — and pitch — FedEx leadership on how our blockchain location data can improve upon their delivery platform, logistics systems, and more.

XYO Sacramento helps host “SacHacks”

Our team up north at “XYO Winterfell” worked with the Sacramento Kings to host the city’s first intercollegiate hackathon. The winning team at SacHacks built a proof-of-concept wholesale food market on Ethereum, powered by the XYO Network. Their vision is to allow rural Indian farmers to be able to get full market price for their goods.

WebDev Level Up: Intro to Web3

Graham McBain, XYO Developer Evangelist, has launched a dev-focused “Intro to Web3” course — read his call to arms on our Medium page.

Stay tuned for more major news in the next few weeks — make sure to sign up for email alerts below!

Johnny Kolasinski
Head of Community
XYO Network