Updates from the Dev Cave: What’s Next for COIN

Hi folks!

As you’ve probably heard, we launched the COIN App yesterday on iOS and Android. The COIN App lets users with XYO mining kits collect XYO by claiming real-world locations separated into quadtiles. In the current iteration, the COIN App awards XYO if the user actively claims a quadtile while a hardware Sentinel is within range. Future versions of the COIN App will have additional features, including the ability for a user to seed quadtiles with XYO or any other ERC-20 token to, for example, distribute rewards for attending a meetup or event.

Here are some updates and additional features that will be coming to the COIN App in the near future.

Full Bound Witness Interactions

Right now, the COIN App detects nearby Sentinels, but doesn’t create a full Bound Witness Interaction. Updates will allow for Sentinel-to-Bridge Bound Witness Interactions and, eventually, full Requests involving Diviners and Archivists.

Auto-Claiming of Quadtiles

In the current version, users need to manually claim a quadtile within the COIN App — it’s an active process. Future versions will allow for auto-claiming of quadtiles, although the reward structure for auto-claiming might not be the same as when a quadtile is manually claimed.

Growth-Focused Bonuses and Rewards

Future iterations of the app will allow us to award bonuses for activities that might contribute more useful data or help encourage the growth of XYO. For example, users might be rewarded more for visiting more quadtiles, for having long Proof-of-Origin Chains, or for linking the COIN App to an address on the Founding Hodler’s Registry.

Bridge Interaction

In the future, the COIN App will interact with Bridges, and not just Sentinels.

Performance Enhancements

We’ll always be working to improve the functionality and general usability of the COIN App.

You can download the COIN App by visiting coinapp.co, and if you don’t have a mining kit, you can purchase one at geominers.xy.company.

Johnny Kolasinski
Head of Community