XY Financial Report: $15 Million in Sales Edition!

If you’ve read any of our Medium posts, social media posts or emails, you know we’ve seen amazing growth across our entire company over the past months. We’ve told you about our progress in building out the XYO network, the visionary partnerships we’ve made, and our insane dedication to R&D.

But we haven’t given you the numbers that back up all the positive developments. Until now.

Well, we’ve just released our semi-annual financial report. And the numbers are solid.

In the first six months of 2018, ending June 30th, sales were strong. How strong? $15 million strong. Last year, during the same time in 2017, sales were $442,000. So, to say we’ve grown revenue is an understatement.

Net income also saw a massive bump. Last year, at the same time, our net income was -$2 million. But we’ve turned things around in a huge way, and this year, we’ve increased net income by $7.6 million, year over year!

There’s plenty more where this came from in our official announcement, where you can find even more figures on how well we’ve done since 2017. Moving forward, we’ll continue growing out our network, strengthening our community, and building meaningful partnerships that represent real change!