XYO and CyptoChicks: Hackathon and Conference Debrief

Jenn Perez
Jun 6 · 2 min read

The place: Toronto

The event: The CryptoChicks Hackathon + Conference

The people: Kevin Weiler, XYO Developer, and Philip Lorenzo, XYO’s Technical Writer.

Last week, two XYO team members touched down in Toronto for the CryptoChicks Hackathon + Conference. It was a chance to mingle with the developer community, but also put our tech in the hands of devs — and see what they’d do with it.

For the unfamiliar, CryptoChicks — and the conference / hackathon — is the brainchild of two tech-savvy ladies who started a women’s meetup specifically to remove the mystery behind blockchain, private keys, cryptography, and related crypto elements.

This particular CryptoChicks hackathon featured a keynote by the father of Ethereum himself, Vitalik Buterin, so the crowd was extra dialed into the messaging.

Ethereum co-creator and keynote Vitalik Buterin mingles with developers and fans.

But it also featured two deep dives into XYO tech, and a chance to win bounties for building on our network. Here’s the breakdown of what happened at the show, straight from Kevin and Philip.

The mood: XYO tech was very well-received by the audience. There was a clear enthusiasm for our new core AI, and our general mission of tracking data.

The angle: Three teams integrated XYO tech into their tracks. Two that focused on business featured the winner of the competition (the Abstrakta Team) and runner up team (both which used XYO in their projects). Of the dev tracks, one out of six was XYO-centric.

The potential user/use-case: Bee farmers want to use XYO tech to test the weight and temperature of their hives.

Two members of team Abstraka, who integrated XYO tech into their winning project.

The potential collaboration(s): A number of business owners and industry leaders expressed interest in future collaborations with XYO, and the team is locking down meetings to explore these opportunities.

Philip warms up the crowd before Vitalik Buterin

The closer: Philip gave a keynote right before Vitalik Buterin went on — a tall-order for a speaker— but his speech was well-received. All in all, a solid show for XYO.

XYO Network

XYO is building the world’s first geospatial cryptonetwork that aims to “future-proof” GPS.


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XYO Network

XYO is building the world’s first geospatial cryptonetwork that aims to “future-proof” GPS.