XYO and FedEx Institute of Technology: Developing Location Tech for the Shipping Giant!

Few companies have the scale — or reach — of FedEx. This is a 425,000+ strong company that routinely overnights mail all over the planet, and only occasionally misses delivery deadlines during high category hurricanes, pounding snowstorms, collapsing governments, and massive events that ground planes or halt traffic.

In fact, the FedEx platform is so advanced, it relies on a team of FedEx meteorologists to predict the weather as much as two weeks in advance, using sophisticated algorithms and data analysis — all the way down to historic delivery demand — to create contingency plans for its army of drivers and pilots.

So real-time location data is the heart of their global enterprise. Each day, an average of 14 million packages are scanned, sent, shipped and tracked, and 150 million or so requests come in from people, governments and businesses small and large, asking where and when their packages will be delivered.

At XYO, we believe our location data would be an outstanding additive to the FedEx delivery platform, that our relative location data can only enhance a hyper-advanced system that the delivery giant uses to reroute drivers when the roads ice over in Stamford, and storms roil Boeing 757 pilots when it’s snowing in Dallas.

How will we show FedEx what we can bring to the table? Through the new FedEx Institute of Technology program.

Here’s how this will work. FedEx has opened just 13 slots for innovative companies at the University of Memphis. By being included in this program, we can develop — and pitch — FedEx leadership on how our blockchain location data can improve upon their delivery platform, logistics systems, and more.

In this program, we’ll have direct access to FedEx’s executives and decision-makers, so we can brainstorm ideas and flesh out how XYO tech can become FedEx tech.

We see this as a great foothold for changing and disrupting logistics with the world leader in delivery, and we look forward to presenting a plan that brings XYO location data to FedEx forefront!