XYO and Michael Vick: Raising Money for Animal Care Nationwide!

It is absolutely no stretch at all to say that former NFL Quarterback and 4X Pro Bowler Michael Vick is a football legend. When he played for the Atlanta Falcons, and later the Philadelphia Eagles, he smashed records and walked away with the honor of having the most career rushing yards (6,109) as a Quarterback.

In a single season, one season, he rushed an astonishing 1,039 yards. On the field, he was a comet.

Both of these rushing records still stand, and many of today’s quarterbacks are routinely compared to Michael. As this is being written, right now, there are heated conversations going on in Twitter accounts and living rooms all over the country, asking, “Is Lamar Jackson the new Michael Vick?”

But what some people haven’t realized is that Michael actually changed the very position of Quarterback. He made rushing a part of the Quarterback’s DNA.

And when he officially retired last year and became the Offensive Coordinator for the Atlanta Legends, of the new Alliance of American Football league, he was finally seen for what he was: transformative.

Over the last 10 years, Michael has done much more than play football and work as an analyst for FOX. He has devoted himself to making a difference in communities across the country. And he has worked with major animal shelters to improve the lives of creatures big and small.

Michael Vick’s charity work is, in itself, transformative. And that’s why we’re partnering with him for the better good. Here’s the video:

Read the press release here.

As part of our relationship, Michael will use XYO Network Sentinels to Geo Mine tokens. How will this happen? Michael’s own animals will wear XYO sentinels, and as these animals earn tokens, those tokens will be donated to animal shelters and animal rights organizations across the country.

In fact, as a company, we’re taking things a step further. We’re donating up to 5% of yearly company profits to various animal shelters and animal rights organizations, to keep animals safe.

We believe that between Michael and XYO as a company, we can make a genuine positive difference in the lives of animals. We look forward to working with Michael on this, and we welcome this new partnership!