XYO and SMK: A Hardware Partnership for the Past, Present and Future!

You may know them as sentinels. Or XY4s. Or beacons. Those little, lightweight life-savers that can a) find your keys under that mess of mail on your coffee table, AND b) verify location. Total genius, you might say!

Well, whatever you call them, these small devices are essential to our company — and have been from the get-go. In fact, for many years, they were our company!

Long before XYO Winternet went live and our blockchain tech was even an idea in the minds of Founder and Architect Arie Trouw and Co-Founder and CMO Scott Scheper, the company was selling these babies (in earlier versions) to people all over. As a company, we were XY Findables.

Fast forward to several years ago, and we were at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where we met people from a company that just happened to be a major, global supplier and OEM of electronic devices, components, remote controls, and even those fancy touch panels you use when you’re withdrawing cash from your ATM.

This was SMK — and they became our supplier of XY4s.

We chose them for many reasons. Experience. Reach. Scale. But especially because they understood what we were trying to accomplish and were able to flex accordingly. When you’re planning on taking over the galaxy with your wicked-cool technology, this matters!

Now, wouldn’t you know it? It’s CES again! And guess who we’re sharing a booth with?

It’s an anniversary and family reunion!

We’ve been working with SMK for several years, but it’s time we made it official.

SMK? We (officially) welcome you to the XYO family!