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XYO and The Spark One: A Partnering of Education and Ideas

The Spark One is a distributed, education-focused, technology-based network tailor-made for collaboration. From when an idea forms all the way to when it turns into something real and tangible, The Spark One network is there, to help people work together and thrive.

The company also holds off-line gatherings, where people can meet, face to face, and plan projects for the future.

And as more and more people join this decentralized network, and use the company’s learning tools to track ideas and build great things, we want to be there.

XYO is partnering with The Spark One to deliver next-level education on the blockchain. The vision? A decentralized network built on blockchain protocols.

The Spark One team wants to work with XYO to hold meetings for the technical community, where people can exchange ideas on blockchain, dApps and more.

With a great system in place and an audience growing each and every day, we’re looking forward to helping The Spark One build the education network of the future!

Here’s a special message from Hui Huang, Co-Founder of The Spark One!



XYO is building the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer data sharing network.

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