XYO Must-Read: Yellow Paper!

Last summer, our resident data scientist Erik Saberski crafted a Yellow Paper, had us post it on the XYO website, and then boldly threw down a gauntlet to the community.

“I want you to read this and absolutely tear it apart,” he calmly told the camera in a short video.

It was a straight-up, tech-centric “come at me, bro”, inviting devs and non-devs alike to dig deep into the Yellow Paper’s contents and show which parts worked and which parts needed work.

The title was “XYO Network: Network Implementation.” The ground covered? Bound Witness. Proof of Origin. The role of Bridges and Archivists. How elements on the network communicate to one another.

The XYO White Paper is the foundation, the Point Alpha, of all things XYO. It is where all roads begin. It is the ultimate XYO primer.

But the Yellow Paper is about the journey of data, the conversations inside the network, how interactions happen and how bridges and sentinels and diviners and archivists engage, and how immutable data is born, and stored, forever.

Ultimately, there was no tearing apart of the Yellow Paper by the community. They loved it!

In fact, the original post introducing the Yellow Paper became one of our most popular Medium articles of all time.

Which is why we’re re-posting about the Yellow Paper right now — to re-introduce you to what it contains, so you can be primed and ready for some amazing announcements tomorrow — and beyond. Because trust us, it’s relevant!

Read the XYO Yellow Paper and let us know what you think!