XYO + LATOKEN: We’re Going Live on Friday!

This Friday, at exactly 9:29 am PST, we want you to do something. Set your alarm for it, because this is non-negotiable. We’re gearing up for an EPIC event in the bright, bold XYO cryptographic blockchain multiverse, and we want you to be a part of it.

Here are your instructions.

When that alarm goes off this Friday, (safely) stop what you’re doing. Think about where you are right at that moment — and really remember it. Mentally catalog what you’re wearing. How you’re feeling. Lock all of this into your mind for the future. Because somewhere, sometime — at Spatial, at your job or at home, when you’re with your bio family or especially your XYO family — you WILL be asked these questions:

  • Where were you when XYO tokens were finally available to the world?
  • Where were you when XYO went huge on exchanges?
  • Where were you when XYO went LIVE on LATOKEN?

That’s right. We’re going live on LATOKEN.

This Friday, at 9:30 am PST, XYO tokens will finally be available via one of the world’s top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges. And we’re even holding a live AMA — “LATOKEN Takeoff”, and including a walkthrough video, at that very time, to show you how to maneuver the LATOKEN website. We want to make this like butter — as simple and easy as possible.

So, here’s the math:

LATOKEN Takeoff + walkthrough video + LATOKEN goes live = a massive, monumental XYO simulcast!

Now, if your brain is firing off questions willy nilly right now, like “Why not Binance?” “What about KuCoin?”, that sort of thing, don’t worry: that’s normal. So, here’s a quick list of reasons why we chose LATOKEN as our first vehicle for intergalactic, token-centric, trans-global, multi-dimensional domination:


Yes, volume. LATOKEN boasts an adjusted volume of around $50 million, with more than 80,000 registered traders (so far — and that’s before XYO fans join!). On a daily basis, the exchange sees more than $30 million in turnover, with more than 180 types of tokens available for trade (and more being added all the time). It’s the perfect fit for debuting our exchange strategy — an active, respected exchange with healthy volume. And we can’t wait to get started.


When we crafted our XYO Intelligent Exchange Strategy (IES), our blueprint on how, when and where we’ll expand into exchanges, we were adamant that users had an easy exchange experience. For many XYO fans, just the thought of buying and selling tokens is one big, overflowing basket of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD). We hate FUD! We want everyone to be able to participate, so we chose LATOKEN for their user experience. If you’re still a little stuck on what to do, don’t worry — we will have a video for you.


Yes, you heard that right. With LATOKEN, you’ll have three trading pairs to play with:

XYO/BTC (Bitcoin)

XYO/ETH (Ethereum)

XYO/USDT (Tether)

This in itself makes the LATOKEN launch worth waiting for. Want to trade Bitcoin for XYO or vice versa? You got it. Need to buy and trade XYO and Ethereum — because both are needed to use XYO network? Done. Want to buy or sell XYO with a token tied to the US Dollar? You can! Three essential combos for your trading wants and needs. Ride the waves in the market using your favorite pairings. Welcome to flexibility!


Up until now, there’s been a huge, vast, nearly insurmountable fissure between XYO fans in the United States and XYO fans almost everywhere else on the planet. Up until this week, most XYO fans in the United States could not buy XYO tokens. They could buy equity in XY Findables, the company behind XYO, but the tokens were a no-go for anyone who wasn’t an accredited U.S. investor.

And…the vast majority of XYO fans in the U.S. haven’t undergone the process to become an accredited investor, which includes tedious paperwork and the kind of scrutiny and oversight normally reserved for Supermax prisoners. They just wanted to buy frickin’ tokens!

With LATOKEN, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the Austin or Annecy or Abu Dhabi, you can buy XYO tokens. And the more people exposed to XYO tokens on exchanges, the more people will learn about our cryptographic blockchain location network, our slew of use-cases, and how our tech can change lives and fundamentally transform business.

That’s the feel-good stuff, now let’s get technical, shall we?

LATOKEN has some major features you should know about, right now:

  • Private keys and passwords are encrypted, with keys stored offline
  • Funds are held in cold storage featuring multi-signature technology
  • Encrypted TLS security connections are used for data transmission
  • Advanced, distributed architecture prevents DDoS attacks (which can halt trading)
  • Two-factor authentication is used withdrawals and settings changes

If you’ve read this and you’re not sure what this all means, here’s the nutshell:

Outside the world of reputable exchanges lies a cruel, wild west type of landscape, where hardened cyber-thieves prey on traders, using sophisticated scams to separate users from their token wallets. Many people have fallen victim to sleazy online jerks! LATOKEN was designed to be safe, reliable place to buy and trade XYO, which is why we’re using them to kick off our IES.

So XYO fans, set your alarms for Friday, get pumped, and join us for LATOKEN Takeoff. Because we want XYO to be available everywhere, to everyone, in every frickin’ galaxy, and we want you to be right by our side when it happens. Period.