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The Yunus Centre, Griffith Model for 2021

We’re shifting to a mission-led approach

Why we’re doing it and what that means in 2021

At The Yunus Centre, Griffith University our purpose is to accelerate the transition to a regenerative and distributive economy by growing knowledge and capability.

We believe that experimentation and innovation are central to achieving this goal and needed in all sectors, contexts and places. So, through our work, we seek to amplify the practice of impact-led innovation, and enable change at the individual, organisational and systems level.

If we are successful in what we do, we will be supporting the development of innovators and professionals across society, have direct impact in the places we work, and generate knowledge that can enable change across Australia, and around the world.

In 2021 we are evolving the Centre’s approach in several ways.

Inspired by Mariana Mazzucato’s work on mission-orientation

Concentrating our knowledge and discovery work around three missions.

We will centre our action-research, demonstration and discovery work around three ‘mission-led programs’: circular economy, impact finance and civic innovation.

These missions will also inform the development of new partnerships, an ‘Executives in Residence’ program, and an ‘Academics in Residence’ program.

Establishing our ‘Practice Lab’.

This will be our platform for community education, professional development and our new incubator — Homebase.

Homebase will offer three levels of support for impact-led and inclusive businesses, and also build a community of mentors, investors, community partners and anchor institutions. We will seek to capture what does and doesn’t work in place-based incubation, and share practical insights and resources.

Our professional development programs will draw on our mission-led knowledge work, involve specialised partners, and have a bias towards practice and application. We’ll have more to share on Homebase soon.

Continuing to expand the reach and quality of our degree-based courses.

These include social entrepreneurship and navigating systems change at undergraduate level, and impact-led innovation and impact enterprise at post-graduate level.

We will continue to develop learning resources that can serve a wider audience and use.

We will also continue to engage through events, support for movement building, providing provocations on the impact agenda, and responding to emergent opportunities as they arise.

We intend for these activities to interact in many ways, supporting each other and closing the loop between knowledge, action and learning.

As we progress we will share more about the missions and what we’re learning. Follow our social channels to keep up to date or get in touch via yc@griffith.edu.au if any of this is of particular interest to you.



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