In Honour Of The Latest Trump Tax Leaks

Kevin McDaid
May 7 · 5 min read

(There will be strong language)

Published two years ago……

As Trump and his minions in the GOP continue to clear out the country’s coffers and truly destroy the poor and fellate their donors who want this thing done or the contributions stop…..not my theory but an admission from Lindsey Graham who wants to keep his paymasters in the black.

No doubt that the desperation of Trump to have anything that looks like a win and the need to get this thing done before the FBI kick his door in and drag his tweeting ass to the nearest interrogation centre to answer for his treasonous ties to his own Russian paymasters.

That desperation only multiplied by GOP members in both houses as they too try and push through their ‘Fuck The Poorest’ agenda (please note anyone claiming that the GOP or Trump truly care about the poorest are fucking morons who are lost to reality and come from a time when higher taxes on the wealthiest were the reason for a thriving economy and high paying jobs that could pay for a home and a future and built communities).

That fact aside it was always going to take the culmination of the insidious nature of the GOP and their unrepentant and unrelenting boot on the throats of those who aren’t poor by choice but by circumstance and the fact that life has a terrible habit of biting one on the arse when least expected.

They needed the epitome of distraction and a destructive entity that could capture all the attention while those greedy old pariahs of the houses try a fatal blow on any chances of equality economically or socially for all Americans…..with no one left behind.

Only one man could pull something like this off, one man who could cause such distraction and so much chaos in between that would allow the GOP to pull their very own version of Oceans 11 or 12 or wherever that franchise ended up……The Don was not the surprise winner……he was the inevitable and the unavoidable.

What has come in the wake of Trump is an assault on reality with a focus on those who would even dare question the motivations of and the dark secrets lurking in the basement of Trump’s long and chequered career. The smart savvy young businessman given his ‘small’ loan making his way in the big bad world (Never forget, If Trump had simply put that ‘small’ loan in a bank he’d actually be worth more now than he pretends to).

Watching the Trump of old and in particular his ‘love to hate and hate to love’ relationship with the media who essentially gave him the oxygen that has sustained him throughout. You see Trump has always used the media to push whatever project he had and the media came.

But of course anyone who uses the news media must always remember those engagements with the press will always have the more intelligent more aware journalists looking behind the expensive velvet curtains to see what lurks beyond.

Anyone who looks at Trump’s previous life can see that whilst Trump hated to love the media he had always been wary enough of the media to know that prying eyes beyond the lights and facades of glittering buildings could show that this phenomenon was fallible and the only reason for what he could produce truly independently without borrowing really big whilst taking little or no risk.

Trump when cornered by his debts and the public finding out about the precarious financial situation Trump had created his defence has always been to call those who expose his flat out lies and the fact that he’s nothing but an empty promise made to the easily led, the fake, lying, nasty media.

The problem for Trump is that when he was called out on his lies about the massive debts accrued by turning Atlantic City into the Vegas of the east coast. His Taj Mahal casino a classic example of Trump going big, falling flat and blaming the media for pointing out that he did it to himself because of his own stupidity and arrogance.

Trump being Trump and not enjoying or liking the attention of a media who saw the gold plated New York wonderboy do his best Icarus impression. Of course this is the man who is currently trying to make a tax system that will suit the richest and the wealthiest.

But the media weren’t lying about him then. Nor were they simply being moths to the light emanating from the light of Trump promises but trying to understand why anyone would think that a casino in an area saturated with casinos costing up to One Billion Dollars and needing to win big every day just to make the payments of loans thanks to creditors……I mean what could possibly go wrong???

$1.2 Billion in losses………..for others.

Sure he has been bankrupted four times and every time he has he attacked the media who called him out on it. His ability to avoid consequence and retribution has always been narrated by a media who as is their charge questioned that which had to be questioned.

The media were correct in their investigative work on Trump’s facades and they called him on it. He in turn called them liars when in fact he was the liar throughout. He was then and he is now.

The claim of an opposition media born of the lips of Trump’s dark soul in the form of Steve Bannon is the only defense that Trump and those who play along with his vile assaults have on the media who so far have been all over Trump’s Russia problem, his Kompromat.

Back in those days before bankruptcies and begging lenders Trump was always quick to claim only others lie and that he was telling the truth……..yet history proves that Trump was and still is the liar.

He knows that the beginning of the end of his presidency has begun and that the press aren’t telling lies about him but exposing him. They don’t want to be the investors who bet big on casinos and hotels and airlines and a host of other huge failures. They don’t want to see the US left boarded up like the Taj Mahal……a one billion dollar white elephant using voodoo economics.

His tell is his defense and his lashing out.

The media and those who resist don’t want to see the US become the Taj Mahal, Atlantic City.


In 2014 Melissa and Mike Horton launched the Yabberz community as a unique platform for the free flowing discussion of a variety of ideas on a site designed to promote troll-free interaction. The Yabberz Gnome represents our efforts to counter Trolls of all kinds.

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In 2014 Melissa and Mike Horton launched the Yabberz community as a unique platform for the free flowing discussion of a variety of ideas on a site designed to promote troll-free interaction. The Yabberz Gnome represents our efforts to counter Trolls of all kinds.