Trading is A Lot Like Dating

I know, I know… this sounds #cheesyaf, but hear me out.

You are at the bar, and you see an attractive counterpart, let’s say they are “a perfect ten”. You are a decent looking dude (or gal), you have your “shit together”, and you wholeheartedly feel you can sweep this person off their feet. After a few minutes of self-talk, you decide to go in for the kill.

BAMMM!!! You get shut down immediately. What was the issue? You read “the game”, you are sporting your brand new douche-shirt (include the original fold lines from the store). What the hell?! That was going to be MAGIC!

Simply put, you were trading (or dating) outside of your range. The more you learn that life is about playing a consistent game within a range (and honing your skills while in that range), the faster you will become skilled enough to expand out of that range and attract that “perfect 10”.

There are super-sexy trades out there, amazing 10x multipliers just out of reach. Will you really hit that 10x multiplier? Probably not, and I see a lot of people burning through their hard-earned war-chest trying to catch those elusive Unicorns.

For me, I’ve learned my place, both in the trading world and the relationship world. I know which trades are healthy trades and which trades are absolutely toxic.

Have you ever had that one position that took all of your focus and energy? The more you got wrapped up into it, the more you fucked over your trading account?

Toxic trades are like toxic people — We avoid them at all cost.

Here I am, a bit older, a bit wiser. I hang out with safe, stable trades. Trades that I can rely on, trades that I can build something with. Trades that allow me to sleep well at night.

It isn’t sexy here, this isn’t “mega-baller status”. We aren’t trying to be Dan Bilzerian with his harem of ladies.

Real trading, the healthy kind, the kind that creates wealth and helps you stack the cash. It’s boring, it’s consistent, and it’s non-emotional.

Does Your Trading Deserve Some Relationship Therapy?

Check out YachtMoney! Think of us as a relationship coach for your trading. Remember, it’s “You Versus You” out there (we “borrowed” that from Gary Vaynerchuk).

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