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The Best Decisions Are Based on the Right Information

The right business decisions are based on up to date and accurate data

The Problem

Projects create data. Lots and lots of information. Mostly this information is created in order to create a historical record and/or communicate something between team members and other stakeholders.

The issue with common solutions

Most Business Intelligence tools or KPI Dashboards are intended to support a wide audience and hence provide mechanisms for integrating data from standard or generic data sources, such as:

  • Relational (or other) Databases,
  • Web Services,
  • Excel spreadsheets

The silver bullet

A much better solution, is to collect data from the real engineering tools in use and automatically transform it into a form that is suitable for your Business Intelligence tool or KPI dashboard. Thus the data collected is, real, accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, good engineers did not spend their time creating reports, rather they were able to continue to focus on engineering tasks.

The technical solution

Firstly, develop a common API that is matured over many years and is based on the experience of extracting data from multiple different tools.



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Dr. David H Akehurst

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