Masterclass Series — Everything has changed

Everything has changed by Haji

People are clamouring for work work work. .really..what happen to all skills we can use to become independent .The strata of Nigerian youths who are unemployed is immeasurable and the Nigerian universities are still graduating million of students when there are no jobs out there even after the mandatory one year national youth service…the truth of the matter is that we need to find passion for what one want to do; we can’t just rely on getting good jobs at Multinationals, Hospitals, Banking Institutes and so on..Those days are long gone; we need to start to think and create or start something from the scratch, even if we don’t have any money in the pocket or little money.
 We must continue to have Faith in God, inner strength and one’s ideology to be innovative and creative to be a “BRAND”; “PASSION” is very key in everything we do ; ETC is EveryThing CHanges and it has shifted drastically from a period where every part is blooming to a period everything has deteriorating to a level of a graduate selling purewater which to me is a humble start don’t know about you..The changes are here and it’s left to you as a youth to be either waiting for that dream job or be innovative and be a Brand person who wants to be recognize, also do business or start-ups or have a mentor.

Originally published at on February 4, 2017.