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What to Expect Next From The Museum of Fine Yams

Other Realms Art Event Recap

Last week we launched the first ever Museum of Fine Yams metaverse artist exhibition Other Realms.

Over fifty people attended the event, which featured two incredible artists; Diela Maharanie and Arya Mularama.

Resident Yam DAO artist, Designer, led a fascinating Q&A session where he dove deep into the artists’ work and gave perspective on the growing NFT ecosystem.

The event took place at a waterfront gallery in the CryptoVoxels metaverse, designed by our in-house designers Chillzone and Duck Combo. If you missed the event a full recording is now available on YouTube, and you can still immerse yourself in the exhibit by heading here.

Thank you to Diela, Arya, and everyone who made it, including our friends from metaverseDAO and the wider NFT community!

What’s next for MoFY?

Now that the event is over, what’s next from the Museum of Fine Yams?

Building on the success of Other Worlds, we plan to continue to host regular artist exhibitions in our metaverse gallery spaces as well as artist AMAs live in our Discord. Our resident museum designers and curators are actively looking to make spaces and exhibits that are more engaging and better display artist work.

We also have plans to reward our community members with access to exclusive NFT drops, including the hotly-anticipated PunkFiction and Yam Punks series.

Make sure to get involved and not miss out!

Building on Success

Alongside talented developers and financial engineers, the YamDAO is also home to designers, videographers, marketers, artists and above all else, art lovers.

The Museum of Fine Yams (MoFY) brand encapsulates the Yam DAO community’s efforts to serve the wider community of artists, art lovers, and metaverse inhabitants.

The wider world is waking up to the technological and social revolution unlocked by NFTs. At the event we touched upon our aims for the Museum of Fine Yams and desire to play a valuable role serving artists and art collectors.

Artist exhibitions that live in the metaverse are a great way to spotlight emerging talent and spread awareness, but we believe it can go much further.

Our aims for MoFY:

  • Provide valuable tools and services for the NFT art ecosystem, powered by permissionless finance.
  • Build an active community of engaged and incentivized participants.
  • Build brand awareness and revenue for Yam DAO.

Our vision for MoFY:

  • NFT Marketplace/ Hub
    Provide a seamless experience where artists can create, exhibit and sell their art in novel ways. This also provides a potential revenue stream for artists and the DAO that can be used to further scale the organization and incentivize active community participation and engagement with the platform.
  • Metaverse artist exhibitions
    Showcase featured artists and position MoFY as an active participant in the NFT Art ecosystem, while building an active and engaged community.
  • Permanent metaverse galleries
    Archive each MoFY exhibition on an open, accessible platform and create a constantly growing resource for users to explore
  • A new NFT magazine
    The latest news, mints and commentary on the evolving space, both technological and cultural.
  • In-house and partner NFT releases
    Highly collectible drops to reward active community members
  • Weekly artist AMAs
    More frequent AMAs that are less time-intensive and formal than full feature exhibitions, allowing artists to connect with the community
  • Continued relationship-building with key players in the space
    Cement MoFY as a key player in the ecosystem and contribute to, and tap into, the wider community of NFT Art lovers.
  • Community NFT treasury/ permanent collection
    Over time generate a community art treasury to further build reputation and strengthen community
  • YAM token as an essential component powering the MoFY ecosystem

We encourage anyone who is interested in participating in shaping the future of MoFY to join the discussion on our Forum. We will also be discussing all things MoFY on our next community call on Thursday July 29th.

Yam is an open DAO and all are welcome. If you’d like to get involved, head over to our Discord server and say hi!

Thank you to everyone, we’re thrilled to be sharing this new chapter for Yam DAO with all of you!



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