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Aug 19, 2020 · 1 min read

Following a successful audit of the migration contract from Peckshield, which can be viewed here, we are proceeding with the YAMv1 to YAMv2 migration process. The audit process found only issues of “Low” or “Informational” severity, all of which have been addressed.

The YAMv1 to YAMv2 migration contract is live as of 4:20PM UTC, 8/19, and YAMv1 tokenholders will be able to migrate for 72 hours, until 4:20PM UTC 8/22. All YAMv1 tokens are eligible for migration, but YAM must be harvested from staking contracts to migrate.

After 4:20PM UTC 8/22, YAMv1 tokens will no longer be eligible for migration.

You can migrate via the yam.finance website, or via etherscan by approving the migration contract to spend your YAMv1, and using the `migrate` function.

The migration contract address is: 0xf1d7c9E4c57a5C1902f4A4aE2630d2Da78Ffb1c1

The YAMv2 Token address is: 0xAba8cAc6866B83Ae4eec97DD07ED254282f6aD8A

The YAMv1 Token address is: 0x0e2298E3B3390e3b945a5456fBf59eCc3f55DA16

As previously stated, the YAMv2 token is a vanilla ERC-20 token to be used as a placeholder for off-chain voting while YAMv3 is audited. The YAMv3 launch timing is not yet determined and subject to both community voting and audit timing.

If you have further migration questions, please see our Migration FAQ or join our Discord.

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