Yam Treasury Quarterly Report — Q2 2021

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3 min readJul 19, 2021

We’re happy to share our quarterly update for the Yam Treasury where we review our Yam DAO income, expenses, assets, and team contributor changes.


Preface: Cryptocurrency is very volatile, all numbers reported here in this report is a snapshot of value on 7/10/2021. All assets will move up and down in value, most expenses are determined in US Dollar equivalent at the time of payment. For example if a payment of $1000 USD is payed in $YAM and at that time $YAM is valued at $1, the payment will be 1000 $YAM.

Total Income $508,885.99

Operational Income

In Q2 2021 Yam.Finance generated operational income of $60,035 from Degenerative.Finance (now synths.yam.finance).

Investment Income

The Yam Treasury is used to invest in different value add products that assist Yam in growing its ecosystem.

  1. UMA was earned by using the treasury to provide liquidity using ETH and yUSD to synethics uGAS and uSTONKS.
  2. SUSHI was earned by using Yam farming pool’s YAM/ETH pair to farm on sushi’s rewards pool.
  3. INDEX was earned by pairing DPI and ETH in the treasury to farm Indexcoop’s rewards pool.

A total of $448,851 (as of date 7/10/2021) was earned in investment income in Q2 2021.

Total Expenses $327,023

Delta of Income vs Expenses +$181,862

Expenses (yUSD)

Total contributor expenses paid from the treasury was $171,467 in yUSD. Contributor expenses paid from the treasury are reserved for full-time contributors. Other contributor expenses come from the $YAM contributor vesting pool.

Expenses (YAM)

Total expenses paid form the contributor vesting pool was $137,414 in $YAM valued at $0.79 /$YAM as of 7/10/2021. $YAM was paid out of contributor vesting pool thru Q2 at different values but this report was prepared with a snapshot of value as of 7/10/2021.

Total general expenses paid from multi-sig general expense fund was $18,141 in $YAM valued at $0.79 /$YAM.


Total Non-YAM Asset Value $6,009,989

Non-Yam Assets are primarily used for investment purposes to support the Yam ecosystem and projects.

Total YAM Asset Value $1,174,930

Yam Assets are primarily used for contributor compensation and general expenses.

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