I am right, I am right


We are exposed to too much information, too fast, that we don’t pay attention anymore. In a world of constant timeline feeds, we don’t have time to stop and consider their meanings. Other people can think for us. We follow. But being a follower isn’t a passive behavior. It shouldn’t be. It should include observing, contemplating, and contributing.

Look at this tweet. Only two lines long, neatly fitted into the character limits of our modern conversations. It appears to be an aimless paragraph at a first glance, but let’s slow down for a moment and think over it.

Who is he and who is she? Two persons? A husband and a wife? Might be, but I’ll go on and reveal you what this micro story is about. It’s not a story of a man and a woman. They are the symbols of the masculine and the feminine energy. In the first line, the logic, being blind to the fact that it’s born out of creativity, wants to dominate the creativity through it’s righteousness. He knows everything better, and desires to shape everything his liking. In the second line things change.

“Alright” she said, “I got it. Now go to your room.”

We realize, she is not a suppressed force, but a motherly figure. She can see through his childishness. Being sent to his room not only establishes the true nature of their relationship, but the room itself also symbolizes the limited nature of the logic, once it’s separated from it’s creative counterpart. As you can see, the female aspect doesn’t counterattack the male, but shows him how he ends up confining himself while attempting to take over her.

I don’t expect you to take a look at a tweet such as this and come up with a lengthly essay. It’s not the character limitations, or our busy lives. We simply don’t search for a meaning in our daily encounters anymore. But if we pay attention, if we open ourselves to the possibilities our logics and creativity offer us, we may discover a world, full of wealth and meaning, even in a simple tweet.

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