Getting up to speed on crypto

Yan-David Erlich
Mar 6, 2018 · 2 min read
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Bitcoin Price & Market Cap. Source:

Many of my friends & family have asked what they should read/watch to get started understanding cryptocurrencies. I first send them the Bitcoin whitepaper and the Princeton class first (first 2 links below). Depending on how much they’ve been infected by the crypto virus after that, and their level/approach, I suggest more of the below links. There’s a trove of material and this is by no means exhaustive. That said, it’s a decent start. Enjoy!

Start here:

Why crypto matters:

How to value Cryptoassets:

Go Deep on Bitcoin:

Cryptoassets other than Bitcoin:

Write some code:

Stay up to date:

  • [Follow] There are lots of fun crypto people to follow on Twitter. Some of the funniest are Neeraj Agrawal and Kevin Pham.
  • [Follow] All the folks above are on Twitter. They’re good follows too.
  • [Follow] Naval Ravikant (whom you should follow) has a great list.

If you like the above, follow me. Enjoy!

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