Top 7 Reasons to Own Yang Dividend | The Andrew Yang Coin ($MATH)

We started working on the Andrew Yang Coin (also known as the Yang Dividend or $MATH) in August and published the smart contract in September 2019. We also opened a Twitter account, which quickly gained a following.

Before launching officially, we wanted to make sure everything is done right, hence the “coming soon” sign. In the meantime, we are already seeing similar contracts/tokens/coins coming to market, very very close to our original idea. This is great — the very reason we created the Yang Dividend was to create publicity for Andrew Yang’s Presidential candidacy and at the same time bring as many new people as possible to the crypto world. Having said that, we wanted to list the top 7 reasons why you should get $MATH vs. (or in addition to!) other tokens when it goes live.

Top 7 Reasons to Own $MATH

1. $MATH is the original

$MATH is the original token with the explicit goal to recognize Yang supporters and be a “souvenir” for the Yang campaign (as evidenced by token creation time and date)

2. $MATH is selfless

100% of $MATH will be available for distribution. Other projects reserve tokens for founders, employees or the project. Not the Yang Dividend.

3. $MATH supports those who support crypto

The Yang Dividend Project is registered in Wyoming, the most crypto-friendly U.S. state.

4. $MATH is wholesome

The Andrew Yang Coin is divisible only to two decimals, much like the Freedom Dividend.

5. $MATH supports a Yang Presidency

A winning run by Andrew Yang increases the number of $MATH distributed to each holder… the longer he stays President, the longer the Yang Dividend will be distributed.

6. $MATH is immutable

$MATH will be distributed only in the way outlined in the white paper. While other projects may change distribution eligibility and criteria over time, the Andrew Yang Coin has committed to a fixed rate and system of distribution over its life.

7. $MATH is distributed

Once the $MATH distribution campaign is over, all undistributed tokens will be burned. This, combined with the way $MATH is awarded, result in a widely distributed system of tokens.

We are launching soon. In the meantime, engage with us on Twitter, email us or provide your contact information through the Yang Dividend web-site so we can let you know as soon as we publicly go live.

Launching in two weeks. See you then!

Yang Dividend Future

Yang Dividend Editors

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Editors of the Yang Dividend Publication, providing information on Yang Dividend | The Andrew Yang Coin

Yang Dividend Future

Official publication of Yang Dividend | The Andrew Yang Coin ($MATH), the first Presidential election crypto token and the original coin recognizing Andrew Yang supporters.

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