Yang Dividend | The Andrew Yang Coin Official Launch

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We don’t know if Satoshi Nakamoto was an Asian man who liked math, but we know one who is: Andrew Yang!

We are happy to announce the official launch of the Yang Dividend, with the goal to increase awareness of Andrew Yang’s candidacy for President and to recognize those who support him or his ideas like universal basic income and human-centered capitalism.


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In the not so distant future, elections may be on the blockchain… secure, transparent, decentralized. We’ve got to start somewhere, so we are taking the first step by introducing Yang Dividend | The Andrew Yang Coin (MATH) as the first Presidential election token. Built on the Ethereum platform for wider adoption, it aims to symbolically recognize supporters of Andrew Yang and/or his ideas presented throughout the 2020 U.S. presidential campaign. After all, what better way to showcase that one is an OG supporter of Yang 2020 and universal basic income than an immutable and censorship-resistant election pin on a decentralized blockchain.

Just like the Andrew Yang candidacy, this project may seem humorous at first sight. However, it is very much a sincere and serious attempt to engage more people in the political process and discussion over issues like democracy dollars, universal basic income, and human-centered capitalism, among others. And in doing so, hopefully help more people learn about blockchain technology, one step at a time.

Yes, it looks unorthodox, but as the man himself said:

As the parent of an autistic child I believe that atypical is the new normal and that seeing things differently can help us all move forward.

Proof of Yang

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Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Proof of Yang is the driving force behind the Yang Dividend and the only way one can receive MATH from the Yang Dividend Project (other than an airdrop).

Any person who has incurred any expenditures in the course of supporting or learning about Andrew Yang and/or his proposals like universal basic income, democracy dollars, the national scorecard, etc. (“Proof of Yang”) is eligible to receive a gift of at least 1,000 MATH per month as described below.

Examples of Proof of Yang include: (i) donating to Yang 2020 or any third-party organization supporting Andrew Yang, Universal Basic Income, or a related cause, (ii) expenditures related to going to an Andrew Yang event, (iii) expenditures related to hosting a meeting to discuss Andrew Yang’s campaign and ideas, etc.

To receive the Yang Dividend, one must perform the following steps:

  1. Obtain Proof of Yang
  2. Send evidence of Proof of Yang (e.g., receipt) and an Ethereum wallet address using this form link, which can also be found on www.yangdividend.com. You can open a free Ethereum address at www.MyEtherWallet.com.

The Yang Dividend Project will then distribute tokens from the MATH available for distribution as follows:

  1. 1,000 MATH per month for every month since the submission of Proof of Yang until the later of: (a) The end of the Andrew Yang Presidency, or (b) Election Day 2020
  2. Any remaining tokens after the end of the period described in (1) above will be burned and permanently removed from circulation (#FeelTheBern, am I right?).

To see the latest total Proof of Yang, visit the Yang Dividend website.

Twitter Bonus

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Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

Want more MATH?! Proof of Yang and Ethereum address will also be accepted on Twitter and will qualify for an additional “Twitter bonus” of 10,000 MATH. To get the bonus users must tweet their Proof of Yang to @yangdividend (use hashtag #ProofOfYang). Don’t forget to Direct Message us your Ethereum address as well (you don’t need to include the Ethereum address in the tweet).

Other Distribution Factors

100% of the total supply of tokens is available for distribution. The Yang Dividend Project will not be retaining any tokens. Any undistributed tokens will #FeelTheBern and be taken out of circulation.

The purpose of removing any undistributed tokens from the project is to ensure that MATH remains a decentralized phenomenon, powered by its users, and lacking any central authority once the distribution is completed.

MATH will be distributed as long as there is MATH available for distribution. Once the total supply has been distributed no more tokens will be created nor distributed even if the above conditions are met.

All distributions are at the sole discretion of the Yang Dividend Project. In particular, if a reasonable person would raise doubts about the legitimacy of the Proof of Yang submitted, tokens will not be awarded. Also, tokens will not be awarded in situations where we believe that Proof of Yang was generated for the sole purpose of obtaining MATH. The Project’s goal is to recognize individuals for a donation that you were going to do anyway.

For more details on MATH, please refer to the whitepaper on the project’s website.

Token Specifications

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Basic Information: Yang Dividend (not affiliated with Andrew Yang or Yang 2020)

Token Symbol: MATH

Token Type: ERC-20

Decimal Points Accepted: 2

Initial Total Supply: 3.141592653*10⁹

Maximum Total Supply: 3.141592653*10⁹

Contract Address: 0xFA57ceA2F244C607e2ba7Ba258aF7Cb3D0eBD64F

Important Q&A

Q. When will these tokens be issued? Answer: All tokens have already been created.

Q. Why do I want to own this token? Answer: Pure pride of ownership.

Q. Can I buy this token from you? Answer: No. This token is not an investment of money. We are not selling these tokens. We gift the tokens for free to supporters of broad ideas like Universal Basic Income or the Andrew Yang presidential candidacy.

Q. If I own this token, should I expect any profits? Answer: This token does not entitle you to any profits of any kind, nor there is any intent or expectation of such. It just makes some geeks feel cool.

Also, just as a public service announcement… Andrew Yang supports Universal Basic Income. You sound like the kind of person who would be interested in that.

Q. Is this token an investment in a common enterprise? Answer: This token is not an investment (Joe, is this you again?!). Also, we expect Proof of Yang to be widely distributed (e.g., dinner with friends), so there is nothing “common” about the MATH token.

Q. Why are you asking and answering all these questions? You sound boring like all candidates not named Andrew Yang. Answer: Because we want to make sure we are super clear that MATH are not securities, nor an investment of any kind.

Yang Dividend Future

Official publication of Yang Dividend | The Andrew Yang…

Yang Dividend Editors

Written by

Editors of the Yang Dividend Publication, providing information on Yang Dividend | The Andrew Yang Coin

Yang Dividend Future

Official publication of Yang Dividend | The Andrew Yang Coin ($MATH), the first Presidential election crypto token and the original coin recognizing Andrew Yang supporters.

Yang Dividend Editors

Written by

Editors of the Yang Dividend Publication, providing information on Yang Dividend | The Andrew Yang Coin

Yang Dividend Future

Official publication of Yang Dividend | The Andrew Yang Coin ($MATH), the first Presidential election crypto token and the original coin recognizing Andrew Yang supporters.

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