Apps in my pocket

Back to 6 years ago, November, 2013. It’s a time when I had my first iPhone, a white iPhone 5c with 8GB Memory. I still remember the first app that I downloaded: Minion Rush. (That’s right, my main reason to go for an iPhone at that time)

While later, I found two of my favorite apps, they are Airendipity and Rando. For Airendipity, it’s a social app. Instead of talking to people who you familiar with, that app enables you to receive paper airplane with a sentence on it. What we can do is to receive sentences then reply and send to the next person. Of course we can also send a paper airplane with our own sentence. It’s so good at that time to meet strangers all over the world and track the places your airplane had been. Rando is similar, instead of words, people send one photo at a time.

It’s 2017, I was carrying out the project to redesign homepage of AliExpress. So I conducted a competitor analyze at that time with video recorded of many apps. 2 years later. When I take a look back, I found so many of them went offline, no longer available.

Apps come, Apps go. I really appreciate it to have these apps with me which delight my life with all the subtitle details:

Airendipity, Rando, Mailbox, Facebook Paper, Slingshot, Room, Path, News Digest …

Here I’d like to share some of the apps I’m using now.


Spotify, Nike Run Club, TED, Wikipedia, Medium, Kitchen Stories

Photo Editing

Lightroom CC, VSCO, Snapseed, Motion Stills, InstaSize


ASOS, Blue Apron, Enjoy, Fancy, Farfetch, Instacart, Jet, Klarna, Lyst, Spring, ,29cm, Tictail

Come and Go

Uber, Citymapper, Trainline, Airbnb, XCurrency, World Clock


Behance, Dribbble, Pinterest


Collect, Omnifocus, Surge, Dropbox Paper, PANTONE Studio