April report from Robolab

Alan Adojaan
May 2, 2019 · 3 min read

The Spring is here dear friends! Sun is up and days longer, not only by the light-time but also workdays. The big deadline is very close and the whole team is breaking their backs to get things done in time. So what has been done and what will be done?

First days were not spent on April Fooling around but we had another sales meeting with our international team. We discussed legal matters, worked out a new form of contracts, discussed the new strategies. Fixed the 15 expos, fairs and conferences we are going to attend this year. Several of those wait for us to arrive with the machine, some with an information booth, there are pitches and performances, investor meetings and startup events. We are publishing this calendar very soon on our page too, so You can attend and meet us in person or even check out the Yanu robot itself in action.

End of the first week took me to Kiev to meet an investor and a software company both interested in cooperation. Then we had meetings in the soft-drink company, with our builders, that consists of already more than ten contracting companies who all are the best professionals available in Estonia. I personally met two Estonian companies, interested in acquiring the robot for pilot projects that will expand to full cooperation later.

Easter holidays meant a busy working time for all of us as the robot needs to be done in a month. Right now the building team is compiling it Tallinn, the multimedia team will kick in after that and then the whole set will move to Tartu where robotics team will assemble the machinery and do the final testing. In the case of unexpected trouble that always might pop up regarding the complexity and novelty of our invention, there is a time buffer to overcome those obstacles calculated in. It is tight and tough work, I admit, but hey we got the best team one can find here and all of them are devoted to the main goal — get the robot done for the end of May.

We have updated our webpage, brushed up the marketing materials and doing sales during April. I did attend the OECD “High Performing Systems for Tomorrow” conference together with the founders of Taxify, DreamApply and the Digital Advisor of Estonian Government to give insights into our work and views on the future of education. We talked about AI, robotics and discussed how the students in the near future should adjust the ways of studying and how the governments can help people to pull through the automation frenzy and fast-changing world we live in.

Regarding our YANU token, the big news is out: we are getting listed on 1st of June on ExMarkets first, then several others and at least one of the top 10 markets too. Before that, we are doing an Initial Exchange Offering, so if You missed the first round, You can still buy our token from that exchange and get a piece of the pie before listing. So check it out, and feel free to ask questions from our team if interested. More information You can find here.

We are on the edge of a great breakthrough. It is just this last push and Robolab has created the Yanu robot bartender finally. Just in time, just as promised, no delays or changes in configuration and setting. One more month and the main milestone on our roadmap has achieved. Then a new era will start. Optimizing for the industrial production, signing of sales contracts and showcasing the machine to our buyers and partners. Until that, everyone keep it cool and keep your eyes on us. We can do it!

OECD Conference, Alan on the right.
Weekly meeting with the software team.

Yanu Robot

Robotic Bartender

Alan Adojaan

Written by

CEO of Robolab - the service robotics company from Estonia. Our first product "Yanu" is an autonomous bartending robot that changes the game in bartending.

Yanu Robot

Robotic Bartender

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