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Part 2: Weather (☂)

Get ready for some intense heat and surprise thunderstorms

By Andrew Peng

This is part two of The Yappie’s 2019 D.C. AAPI Intern Guide. Subscribe to our weekly politics newsletter now.


  • Washington, D.C. is the “This Is Fine”meme in the summer, so you need to be prepared.
  • Bring sunscreen: Eye-popping sun, heat waves and steaming humidity will leave you feeling drained and icky. Temperatures can range from 70s-high 90s (even triple digits) with mid-to-high humidity — though this summer is predicted to be drier than last year.
  • Bring an umbrella: Thunderstorms seem to hit randomly and quickly in the afternoon and evenings. Weather apps aren’t great at predicting them, so always be prepared (keep an extra umbrella in your office if you can).
  • Takeaways: I recommend following @capitalweather by the Washington Post on Twitter for weather updates, or accessing data directly at

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