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The more you spend, the better time you’ll have — this is just a myth. DON’T let your credit card statement spook you with Halloween expenses. Well, Halloween is about enjoying those creepy moments, dressed up as witches and wizards, decorating your venue with carved pumpkins to scare your attendees without burning a hole in your pocket. Here’s how to do it.

Plan Your Halloween Event in Advance
Plan and promote your Halloween event early to reach out to new attendees. Use early bird offer to attract more leads. Once the date and venue are decided, use effective marketing strategies to promote your event. That way, you can alter your sales strategy if the tickets are not sold by a certain date. The ideal time to plan and promote your event is around 90–120 days and guess what we are exactly 90 days from Halloween as of today. So this is the perfect time to go ahead and create your event. If you sign up now, you get the benefit of our Halloween offer, which gives you a 25% off on your event ticketing fees.

Pick Your Theme
When it comes to Halloween, you have various options to choose from. Do you like witches and wizards or you want to go for a subtle Jack-O’-Lantern theme? Picking your theme gives you a choice and a combination of colors to work with. Let’s say you’re hosting a Vampire Halloween event. Pick colors such as black, red and purple. Since you celebrate Halloween every year, most of your props can be reused depending on your theme.

Create Spooky Invites
It’s Halloween! If you didn’t manage to scare your attendees with a spooky invite last year, you better do it now. Be it a small Halloween night or a massive Monster bash, create email invites using Halloween templates of your event. You can also use creepy GIFs to make your invites more interesting. Always use an effective marketing tool like MailChimp to get your event invites to your attendees. Our Integration with MailChimp makes email marketing a breeze and it’s FREE!

Dollar Store
Most of the Halloween props and decor should be in your storage if this is not your first Halloween event. In case you’re going for the Zombie theme and you find yourself with no zombie-related props, settle for DIY props if you have the time or simply visit the dollar store. You’ll find some great stuff like glittery polyfoam tombstone, plastic skulls and Halloween themed black plastic yard signs.

Party Food
How eerie can you get to scare your attendees? If creativity is your second name, then this is the place to display it. Arrange a table setting and depending on the theme you chose, spruce it up with either a spider pizza or the eyeball meat curry. Organize a food & drink event and sell tickets for it in advance to make the required arrangements for your guests.

Whether you choose a witches and wizards theme or a gothic Halloween party, serve your attendees with the spookiest cocktails. To be awarded as the creepiest event presenter, add eerie fruits in cocktails like lychees to look like eyeballs and some dry ice.

Photo Booth
Photos are the reason why social media is growing more powerful each day. Set up a photo booth at your event with different props and white bloodstained backdrop or a simple black backdrop with a lot of golden spiders pinned to it. The more attendees upload your event images, the more you’re getting famous without paying a dime.

Promote Event
Event promotion if done well can give you a sold-out event. Kickstart your marketing campaign in advance. Roll out Early Bird offer and contests to attract new people to your event. Use our integrated tool MailChimp to send out creepy invites directly to your attendee’s mailbox. Use popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to spread the word. You can also post your events through Yapsody for FREE. Read more about the ideal time to promote your event in our blog.

Save More with Halloween Offers
Apart from the creepy parties, the scary fest brings with it Halloween offers. You’ll probably find Halloween sale at almost every store. Take advantage of those offers to pick the best stuff at low prices. At Yapsody, you don’t have to wait until Halloween to avail the best offers. Sign up right away and we’ll set up your next Halloween event. The best part is, you get a flat 25% off on your event ticketing fee. Isn’t that a good saving?

Budget-Friendly Ticketing System
When you plan an event, you look for features that’ll save you time. Here’s the deal, we give you an online ticketing system that will save your time AND MONEY. Our online ticketing system is equipped with features like online ticket store, virtual box office and mobile apps. Using our online ticketing system you can easily validate tickets, set up multiple payment gateways and get real-time stats of your ticket sales. If you are from a different region and want to target a particular native language speaking audience, you can do so by setting up your online ticket store in your preferred language with Yapsody. Using this feature, you can set up your Halloween event in multiple languages like French, German, Spanish and many more.

Our tips are sure to help you save a good amount even for your next Halloween party. If not, you can opt for our “ Pass on Fee” feature and add the ticketing fee to the cost of the tickets making event ticketing free for you. Sign up Now to avail a 25% off on your ticketing fee using the promo code HALLOWEEN25.

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