How to increase Event Sponsorship Sales?

This is not something new. Sponsors are the backbone of any events. The decision of any organization to sponsor any event always boils down to Marketing.

Most of the companies, even if they are not on Fortune 500 list, embrace the power of marketing. It takes good care and a long time to build a brand and spread the word. The marketing budget of any such companies includes a portion for sponsorship of events which are related to the business they are currently engaged in or the cause they stand up for, they view the sponsorship as marketing activity run on a large scale with the right targeted audience.

Its the value of your Event Intellectual Property they get attracted to or the impact of your event on the area of businesses your sponsors are concentrated on.

At Voris, we have a core dedicated team who works on Design and User Experience, since ours is a design-driven company and they collaboratively work with Product Development and Engineering Team. These guys have attended 500+ events last year to get an idea of what’s happening during an event. Some of their findings were such an enlightenment to me.

  • Sponsors with significant brand value pull a lot of ticket sales. (Ex: Google sponsoring a mobile app development conference)
  • Most of the general guests who are there to experience the event really don’t bother about the Sponsors.
  • Sometimes Exhibitors outrun Sponsors in terms of marketing and stall footprints by putting out exceptionally well choreographed activities.
  • Guests feel connected to Sponsors only when the overall experience of the event is off the charts. — Washington Post’s All-thing Digital Conference was so admired for the unique guests (Historic Steve Jobs and Bill Gates joint interview) and Q&A sessions which absolutely the guests loved. Brands were fighting to get a sponsorship for such events.
Last year, at an undisclosed event, an Exhibitor with live 3D printing demo attracted more stall visits than the chief Sponsor. The pictures shared on Twitter drove hundreds of guests to the stall.

Lets see how you can use YARA to attract more sponsors to your events.

We provide the best tools for your event sponsors to utilize the potential of the events to the next level.

Let them engage directly with the guests.

Why should your Sponsors be waiting for People to turn up at their stalls? Putting the stall on prime location at event venue will not help them attracting more stall visits.

Have you faced the situation where your sponsors have complained about investing and not getting any returns out of it? Questions apart. We have the solution for your sponsors to showcase their products in a better way and have better sales. Pins — posts and images on YARA app live event feed. Our clients and their Sponsors have seen 78% footprint increase when pins were used right.

Let’s not make them print any more Brochures.

A conference, trade show, an exhibition or a consumer fair means a lot of brochures has to be given out. Designing the brochures alone requires a lot of time and penny. Getting it printed? It takes the same amount of work for this too. And, after all this, brochures end up in trash. If the Sponsors want the Invitees to have all the brochures with them, they have to go digital.

Instead of your delegates carrying bulk amount of brochures, they can have all the brochures on their mobile phones. This is the right way of doing it because you don’t want your invitees to carry a bag to have all your brochures.

Let them run promotional activities the digital way.

Promotions are usually happening on websites and on venues using displays and other media. But, what makes you think that your guests are following all these? Voices may go unheard and displays unseen.

What if all these go digital, not only displays, websites and other stuff, but things available offline, noticeable, interactive and always easily available? Coupons — which could be delivered to YARA app at a predefined time and for predefined guests. Coupons can be Stall redeemed or online redeemed.

Let them advertise differently.

Advertisements are not just printed material, a random video presentation or a display. These things will not give Sponsors any type of review points. They will not know how many people actually went through them.

Now, Advertisements are something which are made simple, interactive and yielding good results. Instead of People seeing the ads and typing in the websites, they can directly go to links and get complete details about one. This will also generate viewership statistics, without any further process requirements.

We place ads right directly in the YARA app event Live Feed, which makes it feel like a natural extension of event.

We use Adaptive Delivery Logic (forgive me for making it complicated) for delivering ads at right time. Since YARA can scan the whole schedule of the event and based on app usage, YARA intelligently displays ads on live event feed at right time for maximum visibility.

  • This article is an exert from YARA SuperCharge Series.

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