Sponsoring An Event? Wait.

Invest in All-Digital events.

Event Management Industry is rapidly undergoing a massive change. Conventional events are getting transformed more and more into digital and smart events. With smartphone sales skyrocketing and internet access becoming cheaper, it’s pretty clear that digital events are the next wave. People spend over 4 hours a day on their mobile phones — You should be there. Billboards, print media and other analog ways your event organizer provides you with are not sufficient enough anymore.

People spend over 4 hours a day on their mobile phones. — You should be there.

Marketing is a dirty word. Create Experiences.

It’s so noisy when it comes to an event. Lots of stalls, sessions, speakers, exhibitors, too many sponsors competing for the attention of each and every delegate. To stand out, it is really hard — Go creative, bring technology into your stalls. There are plenty out there.

Nike experimenting with AR to sell limited-edition shoes.

Experience is something delegates will never forget, that they carry home with after the event. If you could get the delegates talk about the experience by creating an unique experience, they will talk about you, your brand, about your products. There is nothing powerful than word of mouth marketing.

“Experience is something delegates will never forget, that they carry home with after the event.”

You can leverage the power of interactive technologies such as Augmented Reality and Interactive Coupons for an unique experience.

Advertise. But don’t put out junk.

People are tired of ads popping up everywhere. Everyone is trying to sell something, regardless of stall banners, print ads, or your product or brand ads on any event materials, such as brochures or billboards. Don’t push it down on delegates. Be simple and creative.

In advertising, you learn that ‘’nobody wants to read or listen to your bullshit’’ – so you better be damn good.

Don’t annoy delegates with emails right after the event. We all agree, when you have the leads — you want them converted. But wait, an average delegate receives about 32–70 emails from all exhibitors and sponsors right the next day after the event concludes. Surveys found that people are cautious about giving out their professional email addresses to event organizers fearing the junk mails. Let it settle, come up with unique and simple emails and give it some time.

Embrace Data. Analytics are key.

Trust data derived valuable metrics, use them only as a guidebook but they should be never the rules. Invest in technologies which can tell you how your event sponsorship is benefiting you.

Times have changed, exhibitors sometimes outrun the sponsors in terms of branding, engaging with delegates, increasing stall visits and ultimately converting by completely relaying on data.

Push towards Zero-Paper Events.

An event of 5000 delegates consume 60 trees for all it’s paper work.

We are living in a digital world. Everything is getting or going digital. There are technology products out there which can help organize events zero-paper. All your Event Brochures, Coupons and Pamphlets can be distributed digitally and in a more engaging way.

Ask your Event Organizers to embrace going green. Why don’t our future generations too enjoy the benefits of nature and the beauty of trees? Each of you can contribute towards achieving this goal.

We help Event Organizers and Event Sponsors worldwide to save countless hours (and dollars) by helping them bring the power of AI to events, making it zero paper, smart and more engaging. The best it’s totally Free!

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