The beauty of digital seamless check-ins at Events.

Experience is how you make your first impression with your event guests. Check-in at events is the most frustrating experience for guests. The tedious process of verifying the tickets, logging in them to event and giving out the goodies — the experience annoys the guests.

Surveys clearly indicate check-in experience of an event of more than 100 guests usually letdown the guests as well as volunteers who takes care of the process.

Introducing YARA GateKeeper. The world’s simplest and smart, digital entry management solution for events. Every delegate is important. Time is precious and we believe in not wasting a single second of it. Say hello to zero queues, less volunteers with YARA GateKeeper system that ensures seamless automated check-in with multi-level security that even works offline.

How it works? — Just one volunteer. Easy to setup.

Create an event on YARA. Setup the GateKeeper. Download the GateCode (a poster with qr code embedded). Put it out at event venue entrance. That’s it.

Frustration free — Zero queue, 3 step Check-in process.

Yes. The check-in process has reduced to just 3 steps, and you don’t have to worry about it. Download the GateCode available in your event. Display it on a podium or stand and let your invitees scan it. They will automatically get their passes on their mobile phones. So, you can re-think about using various resources that may increase the process time and make your invitees stand in long queues, or, you may even shelve it.

It’s a point and scan system. GateKeeper leverages in-house propriety QR code scanning technology called XaVI imaging. The scanning works even from long distances and its’s swift. Scanning and generating the pass happens in milliseconds, to be precise, in one seventh of a second, much less time than for you to blink an eye.

Zero Hardware and Works Offline.

You don’t need to buy or invest in numerous QR scanning machines or train volunteers. Let your own devices and your invitees mobile phones do this job. Display the GateCode on a stand which can be scanned by the visitors through their mobile phones. They will get the GatePass instantly.

GateKeeper is pure software driven and the best part of GateKeeper is that, the whole system works offline. — Yes. Your delegates do not need to be connected to internet to scan the code and get the Event Pass.

Informative for all guests.

Combining all other networking features of YARA like messaging, business card exchange and connection building — Check-in statuses could be used by the guests to make informative decisions.

6 Layer Security.

GateKeeper uses advanced authentication system. It uses custom engineered 6 layer security system to make your every event safe and secure. Unauthorized access are spot detected and reported. We check for dates, location, event tickets and their eligibility.


Get to know who has come to the event. Our analytics engine DeCipher uses sophisticated algorithms to scan the check-in patterns, weather conditions, traffic congestion to produce much detailed reports once event concludes.

It’s the end of the era where you find people standing in long queues, tickets being torn, anxious faces and paper all over. Its the day where your delegates can have seamless check-ins and an accurate analytics for you.

YARA — Bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to your Events.

Be it be a Conference, Expo or Seminar — give your Guests, Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Advertisers an unique all-digital, zero-paper experience.

Your company’s first smart event is on us. 
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