Why do you want an App per Event?

So your organization spends thousands of dollars to commission a custom and expensive app for every event? Holy Cow!!! Your custom made event apps are not all that great. If you think its fancy to have branded app for your events or if your marketing team decides that, an app with the event name will impress your guests — You guys got it wrong. For a moment, please put yourself in the shoes of your attendees and continue reading. Trust me, you need some enlightenment.

Centralized Economy.

So what is this? Oh its simple. An average smartphone user only engages with 4 - 7 apps on daily basis though they have installed 80 - 120 which are only used once or twice after installed.

Apple proved this. By providing a centralized marketplace for finding all apps and managing them.

You don’t go to Rovio website to download latest edition of Angry Birds game. You don’t dial a cab company’s phone to book a cab. You push a button on Uber app to hire a cab. You get the idea.

This is what every single smartphone user want. A centralized place for one need. They are tired of your fancy, white labelled, use-and-delete event apps.

They are junk.

It’s a noisy digital world out with notifications.

Most event apps are build for sponsors, forgetting the attendees, which comes with full of sponsored content, pop ups, banners, clickbaits and irritating ads. Your attendees do not care about your sponsors unless they are providing any value to them.

An average person receives about 22 to 50 notifications daily popping up on their phones. Nobody is even bothered to read unless its from their network or important.

You don’t want to push ads down their throat. Your attendees come down to your events mainly to experience, to get entertained, to network, to get business, to learn. Period. Nothing else.

Yeah. They do not care about your sponsors. Painful truth.

It’ll take hell lot of time and care to build a sophisticated event app.

More than 2M apps are out there. User Experience matters. A lot.

Ask any mobile app developer out there. What’s the amount of work goes underneath the surface of a well build and well designed app.

It’s a lot. You cannot expect something which will please your attendees build in a span of 2 weeks. Nobody want event apps with limited functionality. People want Swiss-army-knife kinda tool to assist them during the event. They are tired downloading your white labelled apps.

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