How I Made $10,000 From Stupid-Smart Investments in Robinhood

These assets are so smart it‘s stupid

Isaiah McCall
Jan 9 · 5 min read
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The stock market once scared me. I downloaded Robinhood several times and deleted it before putting a single dollar in. I’d turn it on, get frustrated, and leave. It was like my Tinder account pretty much.

Then I realized something about the basics of trading stocks. It’s literally just putting your money into companies you trust.

That’s the secret.

Do you trust yourself enough to invest in the places you like? Are you going to put your money where your mouth is?

  • Etsy: I love shopping here, so I invested in the online service just in time for Christmas. This investment made me hundreds in December alone.
  • Tesla: I thought Elon Musk was a genius, so I invested a buttload of money into Tesla. It’s as simple as that. Choosing not to invest in Tesla is like betting against Elon. Why would anyone want to do that? Tesla made me thousands by the end of last year.

Investing is simple when you break it down.

You don’t use complicated math formulas or consult a council of wizards before putting money in (although that would undoubtedly be much cooler).

Investing is knowledge. The more you like to learn the better you’ll be at it. Lucky for me, I love to learn, and it was that passion that allowed me to make the best investing decision of my life…

Investing in Cryptocurrency

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I knew nothing about cryptocurrency last year. All I heard was that sketchy people use it to buy weird things on the internet.

It wasn’t until last year when I went down the Bitcoin rabbit hole

On March 16, if you had $5000 in Bitcoin you would be roughly $35,000 richer today. That’s more than what some people make annually from their jobs.

But none of that matters if you don’t understand what it is.

Anyone who understood the basic mechanics of inflation realized crypto was going to blow up. 35% of all U.S. dollars ever created were printed in the last 10 months alone.

The U.S. dollar will soon be something you wipe your ass with.

Does the government even care about the U.S. debt anymore or are we going to be sweeping dollar bills into trashcans like Germany did after WWI? Money printing created a crypto perfect storm.

Why Bitcoin Will Make You Rich

Bitcoin is digital gold.

It was created at the depth of the 2008 Financial Crisis, where big American Banks were bailed out by the government for their reckless financial spending. The Bitcoin creators said screw that.

Satoshi Nakamoto — the anonymous founder of Bitcoin — created a decentralized, digital currency with no banks involved at all. This means I can send Bitcoin to anyone in the world without using a middle-man banking service.

It’s like pulling out a $20 and handing it to someone across the globe. While Bitcoin isn’t fast enough to make that process instantaneous yet, it will one day.

Bitcoin is money controlled by the people.

Not the government — who can devalue your money by printing too much — or the banks, who can recklessly spend it and destroy our economy.

Bitcoin is blowing up now because powerful Wall Street institutions are beginning to trust it. U.S. inflation is also making that decision easier. The U.S. dollar will soon be something you wipe your ass with.

Why Ethereum Will Make You (Filthy) Rich

If Bitcoin is digital gold, Ethereum is digital oil. Oil runs everything: our cars, our homes, our clothing. Oil is the underlying material that we build our entire lives on top of. Ethereum will apply Bitcoin’s decentralized schema to everything online.

One example of this is having social media networks without any one person(s) controlling them.

The system will completely run itself based on the initial laws set in place. It’ll be like mini-governments on the web where the users have a say in how the system is run.

  • Ridesharing services: Think of having your own ridesharing company without having Uber or Lyft as the middleman. After all, you’re doing all the work, why are Uber and Lyft getting a big slice of the pie?
  • Buying Houses: What if you could just say “nice house” and pay someone for it? No lawyers, brokers, bankers who need to validate your money. The house buying process is between you and the seller.

While Bitcoin will replace gold and eventually the dollar as the primary currency; Ethereum will be the pipes that run our entire world.

That’s a little bigger than gold.

The Future is Now

I’ve thought a lot about crypto over the past few weeks, and it’s freaking crazy that we’re this close to mainstream digital currencies. The dollar is burning, and at this point, there’s no going back.

Digital currency's complete overtake is still decades away, but right now we’re on the ground floor of investing in them.

“These decentralized systems are just not made to grow and scale for the masses yet,” Anthony Di Iorio, co-founder of ethereum, said in an interview with Bloomberg. “There are always problems with early technology. It takes time.”

But Di Iori pointed out that it’s worth the wait. “This will be more important than the Internet,” he told Bloomberg. “It’s going to be massively disruptive for every sector.”

This is unlicensed investing advice. Invest at your own discretion and thank you for reading.

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Isaiah McCall

Written by

USA Today Reporter and Ultramarathoner. I write about Cryptocurrency, Fitness Hacks, and Greek Philosophy. Also a diehard Trekkie 🖖🏾|

Yard Couch

Exclusive stories for your mind, body and wallet… and few more for the soul

Isaiah McCall

Written by

USA Today Reporter and Ultramarathoner. I write about Cryptocurrency, Fitness Hacks, and Greek Philosophy. Also a diehard Trekkie 🖖🏾|

Yard Couch

Exclusive stories for your mind, body and wallet… and few more for the soul

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