These People Are Frauds

Your opinion is meaningless

Isaiah McCall
Yard Couch
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3 min readSep 28, 2021



“No one ever makes one billion dollars.

You take one billion dollars.”

Despite having zero business experience, or really any real-world experience at all, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, 31, dropped this genius statement in an interview with author Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Nowhere is the push for socialism more confusing than in the United States where the capitalist economic model created, you know, everything!

Especially as a representative of New York City, you would think this would get through AOC’s thick skull as she sips on her Starbucks coffee and tweets on her iPhone.

Granted, AOC is not the problem here. Donald Trump is the problem — and so are Joe Biden, George Bush, Obama, Anderson Cooper and Jimmy Fallon.

Let me explain.

Politics is for losers

AOC is a loser.
Obama is a loser.
Trump is a loser.
Biden’s a loser.
Pence, Pelosi, Clinton (both of them), Bush, Nixon and Gore. All losers.

And it goes without saying that people who write about politics or do TV shows constantly covering them are big fucking losers too.

Let me ask you something. You’re on Earth for a certain amount of time and these are the people you’re investing in? These are people who win popularity contests, and, who more often than not, are only in office for selfish reasons.

I’ll say it again: Politics is for losers. And consuming political content is only for people who want a distraction from their boring life.

I find it funny when aristocrats make fun of guys that watch WWE or play too many video games but then go fervently watch hours of Anderssen Cooper or Trevor Noah. Losers!

Want to think clearly? Ignore politics.

I don’t like AOC much — but who cares at the end of the day? It’s the same as all the Trump hate. You’re pissing in the ocean. Shut up. No one cares.

As a writer, I get paid for my opinion but still find discussing politics banal and…



Isaiah McCall
Yard Couch