Use Brave Browser For Passive Income and Better Privacy

The complete guide to using Brave and BAT

Isaiah McCall
Mar 29 · 6 min read
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“The main idea with Brave is that you don’t have to think about Bitcoin; you just have this frictionless payment system.” — Brandon Eich

I’m convinced. Brave is the best browser I’ve ever used.

Initially launched in 2019 by Brandon Eich — the creator of JavaScript and former CEO of Mozilla Firefox — Brave is a privacy-first, lightning-fast open-source web browser that pays you money in its native token Basic Attention Token (BAT).

That’s right, you earn money through this internet browser. There are a few other important advantages of using Brave:

Brave takes all the greatest elements from Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge — and adds a few of its own — creating the perfect web browser.

The following is why you should consider using it.

Earning passive income on Brave

What if tipping on the internet became a web standard?

Instead of signing up through a centralized app like Patreon, which takes 5% of your profits, Brave enables you to receive tips in BAT on Twitter, YouTube, Github, and a few other popular sites.

Their end goal is to create a browser where you can easily receive peer-to-peer tips anywhere on the internet. Maybe one day we’ll see Medium work with Brave (@Ev Williams).

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Basic Attention Token is Brave’s native cryptocurrency and is built on the Ethereum network. You can purchase BAT through Brave or most crypto exchanges. Or, earn it on the Brave browser if you’re enrolled in their content creator program.

Enroll here after installing Brave.

Speaking as someone who is paid in Ethereum through one of my freelancing gigs, being paid in crypto (reliable crypto like ETH, Bitcoin, or BAT) is a Godsend.

I watched my Basic Attention Tokens go from $80 to $200 in the span of weeks. Of course, this value could also crash into oblivion; but seeing as Brave has an excellent team behind it (including a CEO who pioneered the internet) as well as a growing userbase, I wholeheartedly believe my $80 will turn into $1,000 one day.

Lastly, you can earn small amounts of BAT by watching ads through Brave which you can control by clicking on the BAT symbol in the right-hand side of your search bar. Brave even allows you to store your BAT in-browser and redeem it for gift cards and other juicy rewards.

This is why you should be more concerned about your privacy online

If you ever wondered why you receive YouTube ads or other ads for “medium-sized Justin Bieber hoodies” after searching for them (wait, is that just me?) it's because Google sells your data. More technically, they pimp out your data.

Or, perhaps the most accurate, Google shares, monetizes and exploits your data. They do this through automated trackers and cookies that record how much time you spent on a website, what you clicked on, and provide this info to their highest bidders.

An ominous example I once saw was seeing my friend and I receive different search results for the same item. We searched for a conservative news website and my friend didn’t get the result at all, while it was the top option for me.

“Google will never sell any personal information to third parties; and you get to decide how your information is used.” — Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet


Funny enough, I was once on the side of not caring about privacy.

When documentaries like the “Social Dilemma” came out I shrugged and said ‘who cares?’ Well I care now. Google wants better, more addicting algorithms. They will spray privacy perfume on their applications to appease this growing concern of privacy while they continue to invade and exploit your data.

The more we shrug our shoulders and say ‘who cares’ the more they’ll keep getting away with this.

It’s like the old tale about a frog in the pot. If you turn the heat up too fast the frog will sense danger and jump out. However, if you slowly raise the heat over a long period of time, the frog will cook before it even knows it.

Brave, however, coupled with the popular search engine Duck Duck Go is the answer against all this. It’s the most private way to use the internet. Brave, like cryptocurrency, returns power back into the hands of its users.

Let’s not cook like frogs and jump out of the pot.

How to run Brave in hyperdrive Speed

There are a few tips and tricks worth using on Brave to get the most optimal experience.

Put Brave into hyperdrive:

(that’s two dashes by the way, not an em dash)

This little tidbit of text significantly improves your RAM efficiency by allowing Brave to process each page individually, instead of multiple pages at once.

Import Bookmarks

Click the three parallel lines located in the right-hand corner.

Scroll to bookmarks. Click “Import bookmark settings” and you will be able to port over everything you loved about your old browser.

Experimental Brave

In your search bar type: Brave://flags

This will bring you to new experimental features on Brave that may eventually be added to the mainnet. Simply type in the search bar which experimental feature you want to enable.

Some highlights include —

Run torrents

You can go to websites like ThePirateBay or other torrent browsing places and click “get torrents” or “download torrent” and Brave will instantly start downloading these files. This includes movies, music, games, computer applications, and anything and everything.

This is for educational purposes only.

What’s next for Brave?

Peter Thiel the creator of PayPal once said he hates trends.

He hates jumping into a service, application, or workspace after everyone has clearly run it dry.

Take solace in the fact that Brave is extremely early in its development and adoption. I cannot stress this enough. Simply reading this article puts you at the forefront of this space. Moreover, a philosophical idea like enabling everyone to tip each other on the internet stands to change the entire world.

Brave is a small package with grand ambitions.

As of 2021, there are more than one million verified content creators using Brave. What makes this more exciting is that Basic Attention Token has grown over 700% in the last year alone.

If Brave can weather the storm that all startups and ICOs first encounter, it could become an application inseparable from society.

This is not financial advice. All investment strategies and investments involve risk of loss. Nothing contained in this publication should be construed as investment advice.

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Isaiah McCall

Written by

Blockchain Enthusiast, Former USA Today Journalist, and diehard Trekkie 🖖🏾| Catch me on my publication Yard Couch.

Yard Couch

For those seeking long-term success. Open, honest, with nothing left hiding behind the curtains. Share your story with a few pals on a couch in a yard. #Bitcoin

Isaiah McCall

Written by

Blockchain Enthusiast, Former USA Today Journalist, and diehard Trekkie 🖖🏾| Catch me on my publication Yard Couch.

Yard Couch

For those seeking long-term success. Open, honest, with nothing left hiding behind the curtains. Share your story with a few pals on a couch in a yard. #Bitcoin

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