Final Class Reflection

I have had mixed feelings about my Communication Management program since I started it last Fall. My electives have been great but my core classes have felt somewhat like core undergraduate classes that everyone is forced to take but no one likes or learns from. Having just graduated from Annenberg with a BA in Communcation in May 2015, I may have a skewed perception because these core undergrad classes are still very fresh in my mind. This class made every doubt go away. In my 5 years at USC, I have had inspiring teachers with amazing backgrounds teach great classes. But this has been by far the most influential, amazing, inspiring class I could have ever hoped for. I feel truly lucky to have been able to be part of this class and this experience — especially in the single semester that Nicco was part of it. I loved every aspect of it but I really think the dedication and passion of the professors is what got all of the students so enthralled with the subject matter. Having professors that you can really see care about you, your ideas, and your success makes one want to go above and beyond and push themselves more than if they were simply doing it for a grade. Everything in the class has had meaning and purpose and brought me a layer of knowledge and information I likely never would have gained otherwise. Every time class ended I wanted to stay for hours longer.

I honestly think that everything we did this semester worked and nothing should be changed (including Nicco). IF I had to say one thing that could be edited it would be that I wish Ev taught a little bit more. He always had great insight into what we were talking about and contributed to every subject but rarely took on the role of teaching an entire subject. I think that possibly having him cover a subject like startups or beginning a business would have been beneficial because of his first hand experience and background in it — though Nicco also had this experience. Otherwise, I think we had a great mixture of lecture, guests, and discussions to both learn and engage. I wish we were able to have discussions more throughout the class but time simply did not permit. I would not change the balance of these three because I think they all lend a unique aspect to the course and are all necessary. In future semesters, getting guests with the diversity of this semester would be great because I think each student likely had at least one guest that they connected with. I also think it would be beneficial to discuss the readings a little bit more as I felt they were all (most) so great and connected to what we were discussing that if there was time it would have been great to connect them directly to class. All in all I would barely change anything because of how much I enjoyed the class.

Thank you for an amazing class and an amazing semester!

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