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Hello, I am Yasser Shaikh! I am a Software Engineer at Agoda. I have been working with Agoda since April 2016 at it's bangkok office. Before Agoda, I spent 5 years with Directi where I was lucky to work on projects like media.net and hype.online among many others. I finished my computer engineering from Mumbai University in 2010, after which I worked at Kalpavruksh Systems for a year before moving to Directi. I consider myself as a Full Stack Developer working with C#, ASP.NET, Node and React on a daily basis. I love to play and watch football. I support no team in particular and Cristiano Rolando is my favorite player. I have accounts on stackoverflow and github, where I am not as active as I would want to be. You can shout out a "hi!" to me on my twitter handle - yrshaikh. I hate people who are late or make last minute changes to any plan, and I use the word "interesting" at-least 5 times a day.

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