Arbonne, a transformational experience

My story with Arbonne began when a close friend introduced me to the amazing and organic product line. I was sceptical at first, wondering how the product could produce the results shown both on my friend and on images that she showed me. I was intrigued and endeavoured to find out just how fantastic these organic products were in comparison to designer brands such as Armani cosmetics, which I was using at the time. I borrowed the products for just five days and waited patiently to see the results, using any products I had borrowed once per day.

I awoke on the morning of the fifth day and lifted my head to see how well Arbonne really worked. My mouth dropped in awe to see how the redness in my skin had vanished and how my oily skin had now become the healthy skin I had always dreamt of. I returned to my friend to let her see the results however she was not as shocked, she too had experienced the organic magic of Arbonne upon her first week of using the products.

I knew then that it was my duty to spread the word about how these products can really transform someone’s life and so I became an Arbonne consultant. These products really are revolutionary in the field of organic cosmetics, and the fact that I can earn money whilst improving people’s lives makes it all the more worthwhile.